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WIP The Tracks To Be Finished Thread

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Raido, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Many people have tracks in various WIP states lying around and, often, gathering dust. Often they never get finished despite being off to a good start.

    That's a shame, of course (especially since sometimes people work on the same track simultaneously, but never know that the other chap has also been doing the same job.) :tongue:

    To relieve this situation somewhat, I hope to make this a starter thread for all these tracks, so that modders A) know about them and B) hopefully, some will step in as volunteers to help finish them.
    It may, at the very least, save people a considerable amount of work not doing the same thing at the same time, or doing it all over again.

    Let's start off with an unfinished project of mine: Miami Bicentennial Park.

    This street race track used for Indycars some years ago is right next to Miami's Bayfront Park, which *did* get finished for rF and GTR2. Quite a nice little street ride in sunny beachside Miami, imho. :cool:
    Bicentennial Park was made for NR2003 and I got it converted into 3DSimEd, textures and all. Several people let it know that they were looking forward to seeing it, but atm I haven't got the time or skills to finish it up as a potential track for rF or GTR.

    If any people are interested to make this into a driveable track, please let me know so I can put the converted files up for further inspection/conversion.

    Let's hear your input! :)
  2. Raido, just out of curiousity, does this suggestion extend to fantasy tracks?
  3. Hope so.....I have a fantasy track in the works, still working on it and still learning heaps as I go (partly the reason for the delays)

    Sorry - posted about my track then realised it didnt really fit in here (as its still in the works - not an un-finished project) removed post and posted in main WIP forum....

  4. I think fantasy tracks should apply, yes. But you'd have to give some good reason to post it here, because they're often targeted at a very limited audience (namely: the trackmaker him/herself). So they'd have to have, or be, something special that could appeal to others.

    I'd consider them eligible, but not preferable. Real tracks should always have definite preference, since they're targeted at a general sim audience and can be compared to real life.
    This isn't supposed to be a 'learner' thread', but a 'finisher' thread. Tracks that got started, but have yet to see the the rubber hit the road.
  5. Raido - fair enough, good point. A fantasy track needing to be finished is not the same as a real life track needing to be finished: the fantasy track could be finished in many ways, whilst the real life has only one specific answer or way to be finished.

    Kiwidemon - are you requesting someone to help finish the tracks, or just to test? I could use a tester or two on mine in the near future..!
  6. Kinda both......needing help with things like startlights (not timed correctly) and getting flags to show (yellows etc) any idea where to look to sort these out apart from that I really only need track/bug testers..

    Apologies for high-jacking the thread.