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The tracks in F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Bram, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Surprisingly I hardly read any comments on the quality of the tracks in F12010 on various forums. I am positive surprised by how accurate they are build layout wise and impressed by the elevations :thumb:

    I know my way pretty good on Istanbul Park but with the differences in heights it looked like a brand new track to me. The first corner going downwards is brilliantly done for example :)
  2. They are absolutely great but I think at some spots it becomes obvious that laser scanning would have had advantages, not only for accurate bumps. At Bahrain that left right after the hill at the start of the new section is completely blind in the game, and when you look at onboard footage you see the corners after the hill much, much earlier. I am using t-cam so shouldn't be so different... not minding it much though, just noticed because in that case the corners are a bit too weird ingame and I wondered if it's same in real life.

    I love the tracks :)
  3. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Definitely brilliant! Espicially i loved Eau Rouge, never felt so great at another game :)
  4. Coming from GP4 Season Mod 2008 i am absolutely stunned by the accurate and wonderful designed tracks. In this department they did a good job!
  5. Need help to get rid of big blue and white flashes on some tracks.
    Silverstone and Hockenheim are the 2 I have most problems with.
    I use DX11 and the new track mods.
    My setup is:
    cpu i7 980
    geForce GTX 480 (2x)
    Dell Ultrasharp (2560x1440)
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. Yeah , tracks look nice and accurate. They sometimes surprise me when corners are sooner or later then in other games.
    Just got it today so im pretty amused by the game and layout.
  7. You have to turn off DX11. That's probably why they disabled it in the game.
  8. Thanks Andrew!
  9. I dont like the Becketts/Maggots corners on Silverstone. They're not that hilly or sharp in real life. Take a look at Vettels lap from 2009: (the corners after Copse (turn 1) for those that dont know them).

  10. I like the tracks, but they look even better with the Real Sun mod...
  11. But what have they done to Monaco in the tunnel?! It's almost a banked corner. Looks like a giant mole is ready to emerge there...
  12. Tracks are nice but the car 'floats' ever so slightly above the track at Canada. Look carefully at the base of the tires during a replay....you can see light.
  13. i've noticed this with all tracks, that the cars hover above the ground, by mm's not sure why that is
  14. Tracks look ok to me.
  15. i dont know much about the tracks but they seem pretty good to me
  16. I noticed that too and it can be pretty disturbing while watching a replay. But I dont think that it is because the cars are not touching the track. I think it has to do with the graphic engine. Because it is really like a bright outline around the car, when dark surroundings appear - most visible in the shadows. And if the car would only float, we shouldn't see a bright outline.
  17. i may have a look at this myself i never noticed but ill have a closer look and see if what you say is true if it is that kinda sucks
  18. I got that mod yesterday and it is the most impressive update so far...and they're quite a few very good ones. It makes a huge difference to the appearance of the game. It's like a totally new product. The tracks look really life-like...with nice blue sun-drenched skies and clouds...no more gloomy light effects. The best thing is that you get this at no framerate penalty.
  19. The tracks are very good. Especially Korea which hadn't even been finished when the released the game.
  20. Having just seen the race in S. Korea, isn't the pit exit all wrong? In the game it has a couple of left hand turns before you get on the track from the pits bit in the race they merged on straight from the pits.