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The Sim Factory Presents: Race Department ARCA weekend deal

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Christopher Aponte, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Hello simracers,

    Today The Sim Factory announced a special deal for existing Race Department members only. For this weekend only existing members can buy 2 ARCA licence for the price of 1
    Read it all here:

    Arca weekend deal

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  2. Thats too cool! Now if I can just find someone to split the cost with.
  3. I can recommend this sim to anyone. It is maybe at first sight a bit dull looking to buy a left turner, but guys. This sim rocks my bottoms off in terms of realism at and off the track. It seriously is one off the best here on RD.
    And fun to be together on TS while driving it. For now the most adrenaline comes from this sim for me. Although the F1 mod is rapidly catching up.

    For a left turner sim. You can't go wrong, absolutely not!
  4. I have looked at this in the past but being from the UK I`m not a committed Nascar fan so was a little scared off at the price. Heard good things about it and would be willing to split with someone and send $25 to another member here via paypal.

  5. I sent you a PM Karl
  6. John is splitting with somebody else so I`m still looking for a partner / teammate !