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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bram, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Bram

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  2. Cote Dazur

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  3. lulz :roflmao:
  4. "oh well almost then" ™ ;)
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  5. As much I like RUF, I would really rather see the Porsche license since they have more models over the years to choose from but I'm guessing its not cheap for that license and they already secured some big names like Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren. I'll take it anyway, RUF is still a fine addition.
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  6. EA.....
  7. They have a lock on Porsche right now?
  8. EA has had an exclusive with Porsche for many years now...the only way to get Porsche is with Microsoft money...Turn10 (Microsoft) paid a fortune to get Porsche in Forza. Not happening for AC.
  9. Well I knew they were in Forza 4 even if it was a late addition, that's why I asked. i wasn't aware of how long Porsche is in bed with EA.

  10. too long....
  11. You mean tooooooooooo long!

    Considering they recently won the award for worst customer service for the 4th year running and are facing a number of very large class action suites (even an investigation by the SEC) we might yet see the day when Porsche becomes an option. I'm not a vengeful soul but there are few companies I dislike more than EA and would be all to happy to see them go away forever. /rant
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  12. When you see other car manufacturers products appearing in multiple sims the situation with Porsche and to a lesser extent Lambo is even more frustrating and tbh puzzling.

    Increasingly I can see car manufacturers viewing games as a marketing tool for their products. Soon VR is going to put you in the car. How long is it going to be before someone in Porsche's marketing department decides that the negative vibe from the EA lockout is bad for them??? Hopefully soon. If I was Porsche I certainly wouldn't want my digital marketing managed by EA...
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  13. The thing is that EA are such a behemoth from a marketing perspective that if you want your product presented to the largest audience possible they're the way to go. Not to mention that EA is paying Porsche a royalty for every seat sold, that adds up to a lot of $$$$. It's a relationship that goes back to NFS Porsche Unleashed so I can't see Porsche pulling away from EA unless there is no other option (as in EA goes t!ts up) so ultimately that's my hope. EA dies, there-by freeing up the Porsche license and opening up the field to all the smaller independent studios. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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  14. once we get the mod tools none of this will be an issue. Modders can put Porsche into the game no problem, just kunos can't do it as it would cost too much to get the license agreement.
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