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The script thread?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by gtpdzbiz, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Racer is now supporting RSX script which is a pretty nice little tool~expands the possibility of custom content creation.

    So....I'll start with a simple script for testing 0-100km acceleration time.

    Just put the files into yourtrackfolder/scripts/paint, press spacebar if you want to reset the timer.

    Hope it helps~:)

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  2. Thx man, works great !

    Just a question, how did you generate the rcx file ? Looks like binary format...
  3. You write an ascii source code (script.rsx), then compile it through the Racer console:
    compile <filename>
    Which produces the .rcx file.
  4. Ah yes, now I remember....

    I'll try something out !
  5. Interesting! Never mind it! gonna try!
  6. Thanks, was trying to figure this out last week but couldn't get it.

    Clearly scripting isn't my thing haha
  7. Any chance of a timer for different intervals, and braking time/distances etc too?

    Hmmmm, nice :D

    Also, general observation, I noticed the default 'graphs' seem to have gone now... ie, "run glong" in the console doesn't show the longitudinal G graph any more... have they been removed?!


  8. I think it's fairly easy to make a script combining with trigger gate for testing braking time/distance, and many other testing features like quarter mile acc test/top speed recording/even drifting score.

    The "graphs" function still works, the "glong" script is probably deleted so you can't execute it via console. Try "graph step -20 20 gforce_lon" in the console for the lon-G graph instead.

    Edited: It looks like racer is having some trouble running multiple rcx scripts. Perhaps they all running on a single thread?
  9. Very handy. I've been hoping someone would start a thread that knew something about this.

    Alex Forbin
  10. Would love to have 1/4 mile accel tests...... :)
    Good job on this! works fine :)
  11. Is there any chance of getting the simulated/outputted values from the debug functions & reuse/execute them somehow in our custom scripts/functions as input values ?
  12. You can contact Mitch about accessing simulation values from the rsx scripts.
  13. What about putting an event to your script which detects whenever the car reaches for example 200 km/h & then dynamically changes your paint script on-screen/in-game ?

    So, we would have something like that :

    If car is below 100 km/h, it renders the acceleration for 0-100
    If car is equal or greater than 100 km/h & below 200km/h, it renders the acceleration for 100-200
    to 300-400 km/h

    A TV shows about Veyrons Top Speed, demonstrating how slowly a Veyron needs to reach 400 from 350 km/h, it was something like 30s to more than 1 min if I recall correctly, I should check Googling...:)

    Lots of ideas really, I'll re-dive myself in C++ programming...

    P.S: We shall have more car/track events.
  14. I just thought about your script more deeply...It reminds me a bit those GPS PPC applications I've used in the past, which does basically the same but typically or originally, I had in mind something that works correctly.

    IMO, there should be another condition checking the nb. of seconds needed to reach actually the speed of 100km/h. So, the simulated/outputted values should be less than a nb. of seconds you defining. It could be programmed as a constant something like less than 10 secs, if car hasn't reached it in this range, don't output anything...

    Just an idea !?!
  15. Possibly better to look at the throttle state, if it stops being a wide open for longer than say 3s, then you are essentially stop timing as the run isn't valid?

    10s limit would rule out lots of slower cars and trucks etc :D

  16. OK, now the brake test script is finished~

    This one works with Carlswood, so now the straight strip is a brake test area. It measures your brake time and distance. You can also easily port it to other track by using trigger lines.

    !This only works with latest version(0.8.16)!

    Remove/backup all your track script and copy all the files into carlswood_nt/scripts, replace the special.ini with the new one. That's it.

    How to use:
    Teleport to the start line by pressing Shift+p, drive straight through the drag lane and follow the on screen instruction, have fun and take good safety measures~:cool:

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  17. Nice work.

    At work right now, but what does this actually test? Brake stopping distance and time?


  18. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    You should be!
  19. Should just post it in the thread here :D