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Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Hans Pohle, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Hello Guys!
    Can you help: I need Garages, Wheels, Gloves, Helmes and Racecrewoutfits for my cars:
    all in Retrodesign ?

    Auto Union
    Brabham Racing
    Ligier Matra
    Saudia Leyland Williams Ford

    and new (here the pictures):
    Yardley Mc Laren
    Brabham Repco

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  2. Here they other Cars in pictures: BRABHAM-RACING-2.jpg BRABHAM-RACING-3.jpg LIGIER-MATRA-3.jpg Williams-3.jpg MASERATI-2.12.3..jpg MASERATI-1.12.3..jpg AUTO-UNION-2.12.3..jpg AUTO-UNION-3.12.3..jpg Lotus-1.jpg
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  3. great work :D when we can have some screens of Lotus 85 ?
  4. Love the colour scheme's,good stuff.:cool:
  5. OUUuuuuuuuuu...:O_o: Great skins!!! :D
  6. Hi Hans
    They look awesome, great work with those skins. Only constructive critisism is that it would have been perfect if they were not all Mclaren skins. If different skins, one could drive with all of them and not just just one of the,. Just a thought ;) my own fantasy skin is also mclaren, which is soon to be relased, but you can never know what people are going to use as template right. :) Guess people dont like stepped noses.
    EDIT: I can see the LOTUS it not mc skin. Good ;)
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  7. I agree with the above,as skins for other car models would be great,i adore what you have done so far,and hope there is more to come,as your eye for a colour scheme is really really good.
    A big thank you once again,your work is immense.:cool::notworthy:
  8. and
    the ligier and the leyland williams for the marussia :)
    and the next are for the force india.

    I think: the mc laren 3d modell are the best.
  9. many thanks for the thanks :)
  10. Lotus-2.jpg Lotus-3.jpg LOTUS-1.12.3..jpg LOTUS-2.12.3..jpg Lotus-1.jpg
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  11. oh **** you mean 1985. is it the yellow camel car?
    a lotus 100 is in the downloadsection here - it is very fine work.
  12. no, the lotus 97t 1985 of Senna. i want some screen of this car
  13. the new 2 cars are 90% finished, testdrive in action.

    Ferrari old style
    BRM old style BRM-1.jpg BRM-2.jpg BRM-3.jpg BRM-6.jpg BRM-7.jpg FERRARI-1.jpg FERRARI-2.jpg FERRARI-3.jpg FERRARI-4.jpg FERRARI-6.jpg english cool style
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  14. That old style Ferrari looks amazing,love it.:cool:
  15. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    I am truly not a fan of fantasy liveries. But the maserati and the ferrari have class
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  16. Wow, awesome great job. I like old Lotus (JPS). :thumbsup: :)
  17. These Cars are FANTASTIC. At the moment I'm am in a '97 season, I have a second installation of the game on another HDD that is my fantasy league made up of all different cars skins, this when available will be my new one *wishes we could change the drivers names in game* :D. Really, great work!
  18. What is the nice light blue carnose of your profil picture?
    A new skin from you?
  19. Its a Picture from my F12010 Test Mod, for Team Braveheart-Discovery. You can see it at www.romers.dk in a small gallery over at the right on the webpage.

    There are also other mods there including our F12011 Team Braveheart Mod, and VERY soon I will release our F12012 MOD :)
    Thanks for your comment !
  20. Sorry Hans, I can see we removed the F12010 Gallery because of space and the F12012 Gallery is soon to be up there. So the F12010 had to go... I can send you the car and/or images if you like. cheers Peter