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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

Skins The Retro Project: JPS Lotus Cosworth 1979 1.0

Part of the retro project

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  1. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful ride.
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  2. Nice job,thank you.
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  3. Nice job. I just think the carbon pattern should be a bit smaller if you get my drift;). Not in all parts but especially at the "floor" of the car, near the sidepods. Good job still ;)
  4. Hi roderick!
    Have you a wish for a carskin?
    Or you make self carskins?
  5. I have NO idea on skinning,i reckon i could learn if i had the software though.
    As for preference's,i am quite,no,more than happy to have access to the marvellous work that you,and all the other talented people give to both myself,and the wider community.
    I,m sure many would echo my sentiments,we are indeed priveliged,thank you for the offer though chap.:notworthy::D
  6. Dont worry bro. Everybody has to start from scratch and learn from there. You are doing really a nice job ;)
  7. no problem! there become i fine carbon-textures?
  8. Amazing! But there is an error... this is the 1978 lotus ;)
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  9. Stunning work! I like those old cars very much. It would be really awesome if we could modify the car too, because a 1978 car on a 2012 model isn't very beautiful:).
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  10. No. The Lotus 79 was drive in 1978 und 1979 from Mario Andretti.[​IMG]
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  11. yes but I'm pretty sure that in 1979 the lotus 78 had another livery ;)
  12. you gourmet :)
    the sponsors and specific placed for logos changed by lotus in a racing season many.
    i have pictures in 3 different books, to show this.

    i have a present for you: a helmet in the british racing driver design (download zone)
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  13. The helmet come this weekend:
    Worktitle: racing for britain - the old slogan for english teams
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  14. :thumbsup: awesome :thumbsup: