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The RaceDepartment iRacing club announces its new racing series.

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. starmazda-series.jpg
    The RaceDepartment iRacing club has been hugely popular and has recently concluded its first series - the MX-5 Championship with Kevin Ascher taking the title with an impressive 5 wins. Now the iRacing club ups the ante as they take to a series of new tracks in the Star Mazda open wheel racing car. The schedule will now run every other week giving drivers the time to prepare their racing setup's and practice at each venue. The series will run on some familiar tracks from our last series while introducing Indianapolis Motor Speedway in its road course configuration, Watkins Glen, Charlotte Motor Speedway in its road course configuration and the series finale at Daytona International Speedway also in its road course configuration. The series will soon be taking registrations for 34 drivers to fight it out over the following 8 rounds:

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Road Course Configuration
    Watkins Glen – Boot Configuration
    Charlotte Motor Speedway - Road Course Configuration
    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – Full Course Configuration
    Brands Hatch – Grand Prix Configuration
    Road Atlanta – Full Course Configuration
    Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps – GP Pits Configuration
    Daytona International Speedway - Road Course Configuration

    More news on this series will be released in due course including dates and race length, keep checking the RaceDepartment iRacing forum for details.
  2. Dates are to be confirmed but as Will says it gives you time to work on any custom skins but also to assess the content you will require for this series.
  3. I'm so there.
  4. Wow! Exciting stuff. Longshot Racing will be there. Great track selection, too.
  5. Looking good.

    I would have one suggestion. As there are 3 road/oval combo tracks, would be any possibility swapping out Charlotte - Road for say Zandvoort.

    If venues stay as they are, that's cool and I appreciate my suggestion may cause more spending for some folks, but just chucking in my twopenneth, lol

  6. Thx for the suggestion Daz.

    Kevin and myself had discussed adding Zandvoort to the mix, but there would be only 29 grid spots which would limit the signups for the league. There will be 34 available signups for the RD Star Mazda Series. There was more interest than the 28 driver signups for the RD MX-5 but had to turn some people away and we wanted to make sure it didn't happen for this series. :)
  7. Will,

    As I stated, happy to accept what was chosen (as there was valid reasoning, per your explanation re: Zandvoort).

    Hope I manage to reserve a grid slot, lol. Looking forward to the fun.

  8. Great news, looking forward to it already. Nice to see Charlotte in there, an under rated track in my opinion ;-)
  9. That sounds great to me, I am there for sure as long as it is on the same day. I did get that job and start Monday so I'm sure with all of the hours any day during the week is certainly out for me. Very nice track selection as well, I can't wait.
  10. What he said!!!
  11. Great...looking forward to it!
  12. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    I to am so In.
    Yeah w00t \0/
  13. Me Too, Me Too. Can I have a slot please. I rearly like the star Mazda... crashes well... ; )
  14. nice
    only the daytona track i don't have so that will be 1 drop week :p
    maybe i'll buy it but only when i need it in some other series
  15. Many grats on securing the job Joe. Hope your schedule allows you to race (if we stick with the weekend rotations).

  16. I'm interested in this, count me in too.
  17. We will open up a pre-registration for drivers who took part in the MX-5 series so that those who have supported the club to date are guaranteed a place. The remaining spots will be offered to everyone esle and also a set of reserve places will be available. At the moment we're looking at having two drop races which should allow for drivers who suddenly can't make a race due to real life commitments.
  18. Unfortunatly I wont participate to tis one...
    Too many tracks I dont have and I dont even have the car in the first place either. Simply too expensive for me to particpate to this one :(

    Sorry. Enjoy the championship guys!!
  19. Same as Flavian really tbh guys. Will confirm nearer to the time though. I don't mind buying the content and have most of the tracks already but am dubious about buying the rest due to me only probarly gonna race them once with you guys as i'm not an oval fan. Not keen on the open wheelers either apart from really the skippy and i have grown bored of that now.

    Will give the Mazda some more laps in between time though and make a decision from there. I only really did about 5 laps in it and just didn't like it compared to NetKars open wheelers, so didn't really give it a fair chance