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The Race Department INDYCAR Series

Discussion in 'Xbox One | RaceDepartment INDYCAR Series' started by Rob, Mar 30, 2016.

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  1. Rob



    The 2014 RACEDEPARTMENT INDYCAR Series Championship
    (as licensed by Project Cars)
    Director - Peter Hooper
    Director - Robert Waddell
    Chief Steward - Eric Cline

    Organized around one of the oldest existing purpose-built automobile racing circuits in the world, the INDYCAR Championship has been the home of the most grueling, most dangerous tracks in the world, including many high speed ovals. Names such as Mario Andretti, Jack Brabham, Jim Clark, Emerson Fittipaldi, A.J. Foyt, Chip Ganassi, Harry Gant, Dan Gurney. Graham Hill, Arie Luyendyk, Rick Mears, Bobby Rahal, Johnny Rutherford, Jackie Stewart, Al Unser, Jr., Henry Ford, and Roger Penske all sit forever in the I.M.S. Hall of Fame. INDYCAR has also been a pioneer, during the modern era, by encouraging women and minorities to race. Janet Guthrie, in 1976, not only raced the Indy 500, but finished ahead of Dale Earnhardt, Sr. that same year at Daytona. Willy T. Ribbs broke the color barrier at Indy in 1991. To this day, diversity and fair competition remain the touchstones in IndyCar, with ten different drivers winning in 2014.

    The car is the 2014 DW12 named after the late Dan Wheldon, a beloved driver who lost his life at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2011. The DW12 was a true innovation, which slashed costs some 40% from the previous car, while maintaining the latest technology, including a “safety cell” that was sold by IndyCar and “aero packages” (developed by engine suppliers in 2015) that were fully customizable, fully tethered, variable per track, and entirely malleable by the teams, within limits. Honda and Chevrolet supplied the V6 Turbo engines, which produce a maximum of 700bhp, 300ft.lbs. of torque, and 12,000RPMs, with a dry weight total of 1,575lbs. Dallara was enticed to build a factory in Indianapolis and be the main chassis supplier, also reducing costs significantly. Dallara (which makes the chassis for the Haas F1 Team), chassis refinements, aero innovation and team tailoring led to the cars of 2016, which produce more downforce than a Formula One car.


    : OctoberDusk06 or Hammerpgh
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 5:45pm U.S. Eastern; 10:45pm BST; 9:45GMT (start of practice)
    Damage: ON
    Mechanical Failures: ON
    Tire Wear: 3X
    Fuel Usage: NORMAL
    Flags and Penalties: ON
    Auto Start Engine: YES
    View: IN CAR is encouraged, but not mandatory
    Assists: NONE
    Time Progression: 5x or appropriate
    Practice Lobby to open 15 minutes before qualifying, followed by a 15 minute qualifying session, 5 minute warmup session and then the race, lasting approximately 50-75% of the actual race, where applicable.
    Fuel Capacity: Driver Choice
    Setup: Driver Choice
    Teams and Drivers - Drivers must not run the same number or livery unless unavoidable. First come, first served. Teams of two are permitted but no more than two.

    Championship Points
    The INDYCAR Championship will awards points* as follows: 1st 50, 2nd 40, 3rd 35, 4th 32, 5th 30, 6th 28, 7th 26, 8th 24, 9th 22, 10th 20, 11th 19, 12th 18, 13th 17, 14th 16,, 15th 15, 16th 14. (½ point for each race @ Mojave and Nurburg; Double Points for Indy 500)
    * Pole position for each race except Mojave and Nurburg will earn two points.
    Note: All drivers will have their worst result dropped after a maximum of six races have been entered. This is to allow one skip w/o consequence, and to promote flexibility.

    Sporting Regulations
    1. Assists: These will be set to "None" for this series, which means that Stability Control, ABS and Traction Control (tunable) are not active, since the cars in the INDYCAR Championship have no assists. These are identical to the "Real" settings also. No "Auto Shift" but paddle sifters are not considered an assist.

    2. The grid will consist of those 16 drivers who sign up for the race in advance, unless they are not present at qualifying, in which case their position may be given to a reserve driver.

    3. Fifteen minutes of testing shall proceed the qualifying period.

    4. There will be a 15 minute qualifying session. Each driver should complete a minimum of 2 timed laps (not including Out and In laps) in the qualifying session in the car to be raced and in the session in order to qualify for selection and order of precedence. Should any driver fail to meet this criteria, the car may be permitted to start at the discretion of the Series Director at the back of the grid. There will be a 5 minute "warmup" session after qualifying to be used either as a bathroom break or to adjust your setup, or both.

    5. Races will be approx. 45 minutes long and will require pit stops, unless the game is clearly and officially unable to perform pit stops in an acceptable manner (either through administrative testing or declared on the Project Cars website). Pit bugs are sometimes present, so ay driver who signs up assumes the risk of game malfunction.

    5a. Restarts: There will be no restarts once the race begins ("warmup" before the race) and drivers are not permitted to rejoin by the game, unless the host is notified beforehand in ongoing cases. If you get disconnected before then, please inform the host immediately and you will be invited back. It is up to you to accept this on time to get in, if possible. If you cannot join and were disconnected prior to warmup, the race may be postponed or restarted so you can join. Otherwise, once warmup starts, the only exception to this rule is a mass disconnect (three or more at the same time) or a lag induced crash involving three or more drivers on the first lap, or a driver who is late due to unavoidable circumstances.

    5b. Cautions. Unless the double yellow flags appear (“track blockage or extreme danger”) and announced by the Crew Chief (if used), the race will not stop. Upon appearance of the double yellow, cars will line up behind the leader (in order of position) and start on the first lap after the incident is cleared. The GAME will signal this to every driver, but it should also be announced over comms by all.

    6. Auto-start of engine will be turned “ON” since the option to start your own engine is effectively eliminated because of the lack of assignable buttons. This may change during the season for any given series.

    7. Drivers may feel that it is more advantageous to make a pit stop during a race, since less fuel load = better lap times and it provides fresher tires more often.

    8. Refueling will be at the driver's discretion. There are no mandatory pit stops.

    9. If a pit is needed, drivers should set the appropriate pit strategy options before the race and are encouraged make sure "Yes" appears next to desired strategy (preferably before entering the pits) and that the pit window is immediately closed after entering the pit as long as the correct pit strategy (you name) appears.

    10. Starts will be rolling, with a parade lap preceding he rolling start. 70-80MPH is the formation lap speed and it is the responsibility of all cars to allow ample room for others (single file) until the final sector, where cars should line up two-by-two and be ready to start. The start may commence as soon as the lead car is in plain sight of the flag stand, but before that driver reaches the start/finish line. The lead driver shall announce the start upon or before acceleration by saying “green flag, green flag”. If the lead driver cannot do this, it falls to #2. All starts will be reviewed by the Series Directors for fairness. No car many “jump” the start and the lead driver must adhere to the above procedure for all starts.

    11. All Qualifying Results, Grids, and Race Results are deemed provisional until all races are reviewed by the Stewards after the race, if necessary. The Chief Steward has the final decision as to whether or not a penalty (which may be appealed) should be applied to a driver. As such, drivers are encouraged to save and retain their own replays.

    12. Tire wear will be set to "3X" so as to encourage some sort of strategy. Practice accordingly. Also, time of day will be 1pm to start the race and set to "5X" throughout the event, so as to encourage lighting change.

    13. Each driver must use both hard and soft (red banded) tires for each race. As long as one lap is completed and timed (green flag racing laps), then the requirement is met. A driver caught not using both compounds will not receive points for the race in question and will receive a one race suspension for subsequent violations

    COMMS: Please refrain from continuously giving play-by-pay on mic while in race, and test your mic sensitivity before the race so that it is not unreasonably loud (breathing, background noise, etc.) as compared to others. Whether your moves are heroic or tragic, please refrain from yelling, venting your frustration or venting against A.I. or, especially, other players. Everyone is trying to concentrate and needs to hear critical and necessary information in race and qualifying. This does not refer to lighthearted banter or the occasional descriptive moment, unless excessive.Verbal abuse, repeated swearing and argument with other drivers, whether founded or unfounded, to a fellow racer during a race will not be tolerated and may result in penalty, up to series ban.

    Penalties and Appeals

    All drivers should adhere to the standards of driving that are outlined below. In addition, the Racing Rules applicable to all racing series' on www.racedepartment.com apply here as well and are incorporated by reference:

    1.1 PASSING. It is the responsibility of both the overtaking Driver and the Driver being overtaken to assure safe overtaking. Where two Cars are reasonably alongside (more than ½ a car length) each other, each must permit the other Racing room. A Car traveling alone may use the full width of the racetrack. Overtaking may be either right or left depending on prevailing conditions.

    1.2 BLOCKING. Any Driver who moves in reaction more than once, altering their line based on the actions of pursuing Competitors, or who selects a defensive line and then returns to a racing line between corners or sections of the racetrack may be warned or penalized pursuant to the rules, and such decision shall be Conclusive.

    1.3 INCIDENTS. Any Driver who is responsible for: an incident where a Car spins, or goes off-track, or suffers a flat tire or other mechanical difficulty requiring it to pit directly for repairs, or an incident of contact resulting in a change of position, may be warned or penalized pursuant to the rules, and such decision shall be Conclusive.

    1.4 UNJUSTIFIABLE RISK. Any Competitor who engages in any behavior deemed to represent an unjustifiable risk or reckless endangerment may be warned or penalized, and such decision shall be Conclusive.

    Any driver may request a review of ay incident involving himself and another driver(s) and shall not be discriminated against for doing so.

    Penalties shall include, but not be limited to private or public reprimand, deduction of points, loss of grid position, if applicable, for the following race or any other race subsequent to the event in question, loss of all points for the race, loss of points in he overall standings, race suspension, and series ban. The last two cannot be imposed without progressive penalties being imposed in prior cases against the same driver. Teams will not be penalized directly.

    Each incident for violation of the above, submitted via proper procedure (email or “start a conversation” on RD with the Chief Steward or Assistant Chief Steward, or Race Directors), shall be reviewed by the Directors and Stewards (unless one or more is involved, then review by only non-involved parties) and they will reach a penalty consensus. The Stewards and Directors may consult other series administrators or drivers during this process. Withing 48 hours of the end of the race in question, any grievance between two or more drivers may be brought to the Stewards as an inquiry by any driver(s) involved in the contact. Once a grievance is filed, it MUST remain private to all parties considering the outcome.

    If it appears from the official video recordings or from any other additional evidence alone that there may have been a breach of driving standards or rules, on or off the track, in a manner the Directors consider to warranty further inquiry, either Director may request that the Chief Steward consider to investigate this matter further. The final decision shall be published in the Steward's Section and shall not disparage any driver, but simply announce the facts and the decision.

    All Appeals should be submitted to the Chief Steward by email or private RD message
    Any penalized driver shall have a right to appeal the decision to the Stewards, (or one or both of the Series Directors if a Steward is involved in the disputed incident). The Chief Steward and Assistant Steward shall choose a regular driver (not a Director) not involved in the incident to form a three person tribunal. This body will either uphold the original penalty, vacate the original penalty, or issue a different allowable penalty. If there is no majority consensus between the three, then the least punitive decision shall apply. This decision is final.
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  2. Rob


    Addendum after Race Two:
    NOTE: Any driver who is involuntarily disconnects during the first half of the race will receive 25% of your points for the place you were in when you got involuntarily disconnected. If the involuntary disconnection occurs within the second half of the race, 50% points will be awarded for the place you were in when you got involuntarily disconnected.
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