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Featured The Project CARS Survey: Have Your Say!

Discussion in 'Project CARS 2' started by Paul Jeffrey, Nov 20, 2015.

Do you plan to buy Project CARS 2?

Poll closed Nov 30, 2015.
  1. Yes

    53 vote(s)
  2. No

    123 vote(s)
  3. Yes if it becomes a more 'serious' sim

    107 vote(s)
  4. No if it strays too far away from its current style

    3 vote(s)
  5. Dont know

    44 vote(s)
  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Project CARS developers Slightly Mad Studios have launched a sizable survey aimed at gathering opinions about their current title and its in development sequel, Project CARS 2, allowing everyone to voice their opinion on the direction the franchise should take.

    The survey is open to anyone who wishes to partake regardless of WMD membership status.

    Although a smash hit in the sales charts, PCARS received quite a bit of bad press upon it's release from the sim racing community, and deservedly so, with many feeling a title that had been in development for such a long time shouldn't have been launched with such a sizable number of glitches, bugs and an all round unpolished feel that the title had on initial release.

    It appears that the World of Mass Development community driven project is looking to learn from past mistakes and is opening up to a wider audience with this survey.

    How do you feel PCARS should develop the game (and sequel) going forward? Leave your comments in the section below!
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  2. Before answering that one has to be provided with more info on Project CARS 2. If the second instalment is going to have mostly the same physics, I would rather hold back on buying it. Yes, the current one isn't as bad as many consider it to be and the grip feel is probably the best out there, but there's still something fundamentally wrong with it. To the point that given my money back, I would probably not buy it once more.

    Also, cars feel mostly the same. Changing setups doesn't really have that much of influence as in rF2. The point-to-point tracks are just too artificial (and there's only two of them). Not a very compelling package, honestly... And considering the work done it would be probably going too far to hint on drastically reducing the price.

    Speaking of the price, the title sports a rather rotten marketing approach where content not really being new gets sold as DLCs. What's worse, SMS holds onto it till a certain date where it gets "released".
    Seriously, guys. Either sell it on the 'pay per part' basis, or just sell the complete package as a whole and make into DLCs everything that you came up with later. Deceiving people that you've been working on stuff that is already there is not a good way to go.

    Edit: Forgot to add that it's rather bold to name patches like "5.X" and "6.X", considering the difference they bring along.
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  3. I just leave here two screens. Guerss, where is Shift2?))
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Shift 2 even with all the "realism" mods is nowhere close to being a sim. Project CARS is. But it's flawed on many accounts, and I doubt it will become something to really recommend. Project CARS 2 could become such a product, but there is little or no info on it.
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  5. I strongly disagree in EVERY point
    PCARS is consider to have one of the best physic in Sim Racing - especially their tire model is high end.

    "...but there's still something fundamentally wrong with it" - actually there is a "camberbug", they gonna fix it soon (i hope & think in Patch 7.0)

    "Also, cars feel mostly the same." - Are you kidding me? Every normal person who has ever driven more than 100h PCARS can confirm that - Nearly every car feels different.

    Btw speaking of price: Full rF2-Version costs 80€. It has WAY less content than AC, R3E or PCARS. For that price you can buy PCARS & all DLC or AC & all DLCs. Seriously its a joke how much rF2 costs. DLCs in PCARS (aswell as in AC) are among the cheapest i have ever seen. [All costs are nondiscounted to bring it on a fair level]

    "Forgot to add that it's rather bold to name patches like "5.X" and "6.X", considering the difference they bring along." - who says you cant do that? They dont call it PCARS 6.0, they call it PCARS (1) Patch 6.0 (or Version 6.0) ... totally fair. And the changes are imo big enough so they can call it like this. Did you ever read the patchnotes? Theyre pretty long and we saw patches that not even listed all the changes.

    "Deceiving people that you've been working on stuff that is already there is not a good way to go." - Source / Proof?

    Because its in development. Fallout 4 ie, you never heard anything until they revealed it at E3.

    P.s. Its known that most rf & rf2 mods have unrealistic driving behaviour.
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  6. Cool, you can say more about physics by sreenshot))). Leave physics alone, look at the picture and system requirements for pCARS and for Shift2. If I set graphic config in pCARS equal to Shift2 I get worse detail overall. They not optimized at all. I told you about grahics, when the adverise it, with flickering shadows, blurred objects, diferrent quality track and details, pCARS grahics IMO container of Garbage without optimization. But yes< physics is better there.
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  7. I wish there was a "I'll wait for a sale or after the first few patches" option in the voting. For the first few months PCars was out, I didn't like it. Too many problems and too many issues. After a few patches, it's now gotten to the point where I'm having a good time with it when I play it. I sure won't be buying 2 on launch and will wait and see what the community says this time.
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  8. Even the one where I mentioned the probably the best feeling of grip?

    Every title seem to be considered having the best physics out there... By the respective fans :)
    I, personally, don't take sides. If it feels wrong to me, I just say so. And that was exactly the reason I wouldn't go anywhere near rF2 until recently.

    Really doubt it's as easy as that. If, however, it will magically fix all the issues I have with the cars handling, that will only make me happier.

    That "normality" is rather an ambiguous term... If that means being a pCARS fan, I'm surely not one of those, as I said earlier.
    Of course the cars don't feel exactly the same all across the board. But I can hardly detect subtleties beyond the changed mass, torque and level of grip. It is one of those things that made me set pCARS aside for now. Even AC has much more feel to it. And it always felt a bit on the vague side.
    Also what about the sheer snappiness of the cars? rF2 had this issue before, AC too. It's bloody huge lumps of metal we are talking about, they can't change their rotation from one side to another THAT fast. For some reason only SMS still isn't doing anything about it.

    Yes, it's a joke how much rF2 costs on the ISI site. Get yourself some Steam, wait for a discount... And there you are. I wasn't comparing prices in my previous post. I simply speculated that lowering the price would help SMS more. On the other hand, it can be seen that there was a good amount of work invested at least into the graphics part of pCARS, so (as I mentioned before), it's also kind of not really a good thing to ask them that. Therefore, they need to work on the physics.

    I read them all the time. Only to find out that in the "Physics" department the changes are all for whatever reason only about AI.

    Just look around the directory structure of pCARS. You'll find there Lotus 25 files among others.
    Well, at least they actually started to add new content recently (it's also possible to tell by the updates download sizes). But they still wait for whatever date their marketing department picked to release the stuff.

    Is Fallout 4 the only thing people tend to talk about nowadays? I would rather talk about Falcon 4 instead...
    Well, it is in development, yes. Then what's the point asking people if they'd buy it? If I don't know a thing about how much different pCARS 2 will be versus pCARS1, how do you expect me to answer the question?

    Totally agree with that. The same goes for any sim that supports modding. But for what rF2 does good, right now there's no substitute.
    I'm not implying you should only get rF2 and stick with that, but it's a sim one really must have at their disposal.

    It could be all about the physics being the major resource hog. As for the graphics, I don't really see any competition for pCARS at the moment. At least on PC.
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  9. Shift2 with same setting, its sharper textures, clear vision of track and no flickering shadows.
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  10. Maybe I haven't seen enough Shift 2, but I wasn't impressed at all. pCARS, on the other hand, manages to look really good at times.
    I wish it would trade that for the proper handling feel though.
  11. I voted "NO". Because they deceived the community on many fronts. Firstly they said Pcars would be the Sim of all sims. Well I think we all know that was a bit of a an untruth. And secondly they deceived us about what was going to be in the so called sim of all sims. Proper physics, proper pitstops with full animation, proper damage, proper pit lane full control of the car etc etc etc.
    Once bitten, twice shy. Not a chance in hell. It was a proper mess and still is to a degree. Everyone in the sim racing community knows it is not classed as a proper sim in the same sense as RF2, GSCE and Iracing, just look at how most of the serious sim racers just diss it and ignore it even here in the RD race club.
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  12. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium Member

    If they make it a game where you can be faster by driving the car properly, I will buy it.
    If I wanted to be faster by exploiting glitches, I would've played codies F1, GT/Forza and need for speed titles.
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  13. I was a member of pcars from the start. Loved watching the development, but the fizz is just not there. Fired it up a couple of times since the release and quickly went back to AC. All the pritty graphics are pointless if the handling model is below par.
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  14. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium Member

    Interesting (and biased) option:
    Yes if it becomes a more 'serious' sim

    So, PCars (1) it's not considered a "serious"sim? Otherwise, how could you guys talk about a sim that doesn't even exist?

    BTW, I will wait eagerly for such a poll as soon AC arrives to consoles...

    Ahh, never mind...
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  15. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    No, the compromises to make the balance even between console and PC is killing the simracing aspect in every way.
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  16. I voted 'I don't know' simply because it has taken several patches for pCARS to work as intended and I use Jake Spade's FFB tweaker files because the default FFB is underwhelming. Andy and a few others have mentioned missing or incomplete game features too which is disappointing.

    When pCARS is 'on song', it's as good as anything I own which means pCARS 2 will be bought during a Steam sale however the poll doesn't have this option. Same for Assetto Corsa 2..
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  17. The pacthes for pCARS great)), it means we have fixed something one but broke something other. Very professional team SMS. Now after patch 6.1 cant even make scrennshot via steam or overlay of MSI AB or so, cause its simply black screen :roflmao:
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  18. Keep in mind: PCARS was developed on PC and then ported over. Some stuff on the graphic side and UI side are made with consoles in mind, but not the physics etc. Thats a common lie about PCARS (because people assume its developed for consoles, but thats wrong). Think of it as it would be Assetto Corsa now, this one is atm only avaible on PC but later comes to consoles, so then it isnt a Sim anymore?

    No problems here with MSI Afterburner. Must be a problem on your side. I can make screenshots and easily record at 60 FPS at 1080p

    Youre wrong.
    Its a Sim as in iRacing, RF2, otherwise plz bring proofs and facts (not some random statements) that it isnt.
    They never claimed that there will be full control of the car in pitlane. Yes they promised pitstops with full animation - and if you say its taking way too long to fullfill their promise, i agree.
    There is proper damage (compared to other sims - ie check out Formula B - i agree though its inconsistent and hopefully they adress it in a patch, i wrote them lately about this problem as I dont like it aswell), there is proper physics (one of the best out there, i only consider rF2 to be overall a tad better)
    Yeah there are still some bugs out there, but so has rF2 (which is still in Beta after years, which is really a shame especially for what it costs) or Assetto Corso etc.

    I will answer you at a later time
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  19. Duke55

    Premium Member

    I'll buy it if Ian Bell shuts the hell up. I've grown tired of his hard sell approach that eventually leads to disappointment. I'm not intending to have a go at him, but I would just rather the product do the talking for a change, as in put the effort into developing a good game instead trying to sell it to us.

    Sorry to sound so harsh, but that's where I'm at with it. And for what it's worth, I've pretty well got every race-sim game (PC release) going, with pCars included.
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  20. Oh yeah?)) Whay other my steam games works well and can be done screens, but pCARS not, may be pCARS just issue cause its community assisted racing simulator??? Wheres this community? School boys wit PS Vita in Pocket? :D