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The New Simracing Show is Born - Shaun Cole`s "The Simpit"

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Krassi Petrov, May 5, 2014.

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  1. Did watch both his current videos, he did a good job :)
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  3. Guys, what you wanna see in the show reviewed or in general?
  4. Hi Shaun, great to talk to you! Apart from the obvious product reviews, here are the not so commonly mentioned points I'd like to see on your new channel:
    • Driving techniques like weight transfer: generally during braking and especially important going through chicanes - front-engined cars behave differently as mid-engined ones and require a different approach to car setup and driving
    • The topic of having (absolute) confidence in the car: a prerequisite to consistant lap times and extracting the maximum amount of performance from a car - mainly achieved through good knowledge of car & track and a great car setup
    • Racing strategy like waiting for the right opportuniy to overtake someone on track: not only key for fair and enjoyable racing (a well timed topic with the release of Assetto Corsa multiplayer), but also important to 'read' the driver you want to overtake, see where he/she is slower than you / makes mistakes and then pounce and overtake safely and reliably
    I'm aware these topics are not as tangable as a product review and may require many on-track examples to illustrate, albeit are vital for a skillful and well-rounded driver.

    Wish you the best,
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  5. Its still under construction, but topic with the requests for the show is posted, so you can give your requests:)

    Mod-edit: he can post them here perfectly fine as well
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  6. My debut on "The Sim Pit."
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  7. We saw it - great job!