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The Most Dangerous F1 Driver

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jay Sierra, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Google can't help me with this, So i though ill give it a try here.

    Who is the most dangerous F1 driver?
  2. M.Schumacher
  3. This year Bruno Senna imo.
  4. Why? (he was not a kamikazi like Massa on Suzuka or Pertov this year)
  5. He was the worst in blue flag situations for sure, 2nd is Lucas di Grassi. (and imo a slow driver ahead a fast one driving unpredictable is more dangerous than some kamikaze coming from behind)
  6. Surely it would have to be Yugi Ide? He actually lost his super license through dangerous driving...
  7. The most dangour driver IMO is Alise. Look for your selfs.

  8. Thats not F1 though, Alesi was good driver in f1 nout wrong with him imo.
  9. Alesi was a great driver in F1, he just never got the luck. I can't think of any incident that he was the cause of in F1.

    Most dangerous person in F1 would be someone who didn't know how to drive a car so Yuji Ide or Taki Inoue will get the vote from me.
  10. Sorry, I complitly forgot that...
  11. What exactly was Alesi smokin that day?

    To throw in something, Ayrton was quite dangerous back in the day, much like schumacher nothing would get in the way of his win.
  12. You need a statistic for all F1 drivers in history with how much crashes they had and divide it with the number of races they started

    Then you will find the dangeroust driver =)
  13. Surprised no-one has mentioned Takuma Sato yet... :tongue:
  14. IMO Ralf Schumi was quite Dangoures.
  15. I would say, kamuy Kobayashi, just watch the last Japan GP what he wanted to do in hairpin curve.
    Or maybe all japanese drivers. ^^
  16. Obviously Yuji Ide
  17. It makes you wonder how a driver like him can get his super license and drivers like Seb Loeb get turned down for it.
  18. The most dangerous drivers of nowadays are probably Senna and di Grassi with their behaviour under blue flags. That said Kobayashi's divebombs aren't really safe most of the time, though he's a fabulous driver IMO.

    Over the last years, Ide of course.
    ... According to Jacques Villeneuve it'd rather be Albers, or at least that's what he said in an interview a few years ago.

    Over the 80s I'd pick Senna, as he was always very aggressive while overtaking and lapping people, and also de Cesaris. He was crashing so often that his mechanics didn't want to repare his car at Zandvoort one year...
  19. Kamuy Kobayashi is the first driver to turn Kamikazi driving into a new driving style. Sure diving in like that is dangoures but look at the car control and the knowing that the driver he is going to overtake is going ot give him some space is just unreal. :D
  20. 2 different types of dangerous.

    I'd pick Senna for been 'dangerous', but he was also an awesome driver, stopping at nothing to win.

    Then theres drivers that are dangerous because they cant drive or race well.