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The Legendary Driver 2 Juan Manuel Fangio

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Matthew Gutteridge, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Ok, you know how it works now.

    Changes from Game 1

    • This time, you suggest drivers (up to 3) when we have 20 we shall begin
    • This time around, each driver has three points. You post someone to lose 1 point (one per day as in game 1)
    • You may also choose someone to gain 1 point (either this or losing 1 point counts as your daily post, NOT BOTH)
    • The drivers you choose MUST compete in real motorsports (not sim). The only exeption is if you label these others Bonus Competitior. These will be allowed to take part but there are only 3 bonus competitor slots so be quick!
    ~Legendary Drivers~

    • Aryton Senna-KICKED!
    • Lewis Hamilton-KICKED!
    • Stirling Moss (Reigning Ledgendery Driver)-KICKED!
    • Tom Kristensen- KICKED!
    • Jan Magnussen-KICKED!
    • David Brabham- KICKED!
    • Damon Hill- KICKED!
    • Walter Röhrl- KICKED!
    • Jacky Ickx- 2ND PLACE!
    • James Thompson- KICKED!
    • Alex Zanardi- KICKED!
    • Vin Diesel ( Bonus Competitor )-KICKED!
    • Juan Manuel Fangio- LEDGENDERY DRIVER!!!!!!!!
    • James Hunt- 3RD PLACE!
    • Nikki Lauda- KICKED!
    • Michael Schumacher- KICKED!
    • Dale Earnhardt- KICKED!
    • AJ Foyt- KICKED!
    • The WTCC Safety Car Driver from Pau ( Bonus Competitor)-KICKED!
    • Bram Hengeveld (Bonus Competitor)- KICKED!
    Lets go with the voting.
  2. Why do they have 3 points? makes completely no sence if 5 gives hamilton the -1 he will be down to (-2) ?

    Tom Kristensen
    Jan Magnussen
    David Brabham
  3. 1. Damon Hill
    2. Walter Röhrl
    3. Jacky Ickx

    Only 1 point a day to add/subtract. This starts after we have 20 drivers (as far as I understand the rules)
  4. Indeed Kris is correct. Once someone has reached Zero points they are kicked as of Game 1
  5. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    You did'nt say the winning point Matthew ? How much points needed to win ? 6 points ?

    1) James Thompson
    2) Alex Zanardi
    3) Vin Diesel ( Bonus Competitor )
  6. The last driver left standing Omer ie. the last driver to be on 1 or more points. If this drags on too long the man (or woman) with the highest number of points wins.
  7. Lol where is Schumacher in all of this... or rossi... or priaulx...
  8. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    Let's give it an exact time limit. So that way it will be fairer.

    And Schumacher is no more legend! He has a neckache :p
  9. Ok 1 month from the start of the voting.
  10. And no driver limit imo ...
  11. But then when will we start with the voting? we need a cap.
  12. Nominations

    1 Juan Manuel Fangio
    2 James Hunt
    3 Nikki Lauda

    shame on you guys for not thinking of any of these!
  13. Suggest:

    -Michael Schumacher
    -Dale Earnhardt
    -AJ Foyt

    Yes, I went there... and there... and there >_>
  14. Bonus competitor - The WTCC safety car driver from this year's Pau rounds :D
  15. Ok, I've added Bram as a bonus. Let's start with the voting
  16. lewis hamilton (-1)
  17. Vin Diesel? wtf... -1!
  18. Sorry,
    Stirling Moss.. -1
  19. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    James Thompson + 1
  20. Bram :plus1:
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