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The influence of Gran Turismo

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Peter Kerényi, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Hello simracers! When I was like 5 or 6 years old, my parents bought me a PSX for christmas. You can guess what was my favourite game... Yeah you're right: Gran Turismo 2. I had the japanese version (I'm from Europe and can't read or talk Japanese), however my dad told me not long ago that I could recognize each car in japanese, I was so obsessed with the game.

    Now here I am with a G27 and most modern simulators in my PC and I'm missing something: The Gran Turismo effect... That passion in a sim. Since I only got a PSX and a PS2 my most modern GT game I own is GT4 and I return to it from time to time. I don't even mind the hundreds of Skylines because GT made it my favourite car! And I am still thinking of buying a PS3 in 2015 for GT6. I know that I probably wouldn't like it compared to the sims I have, but still... I can't make up my mind. Anybody in the same shoes with an advice?

    Gran Turismo was the game that started my passion for cars and racing, without GT2 I probably wouldn't be a simracer today... And I know I'm not alone. What's your story?
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  2. Yapci


    Maybe in march you should try Pcars since it seems to be a real sucesor for GT saga with a more accurate sim physics...

    I bought a ps4 for (theorical GT6 & Pcars in nov 2013) and it not just compatible with G27 and...well...first racing games where launched months ago.

    My advice, try Pcars and then think about PS4 or if money its not a problema buy it all hahaha:roflmao:
  3. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    You can pick up a used ps3 for probably around $80, and maybe gt6 used for $30. Gt6 has some cars that are good and the physics are good and others that I don't think are very accurate. However the physics on some of the cars are good enough that with a good online league it is enjoyable. The ai is pretty horrible for real racing though. It is truly not better than gt2 IMHO. But it is fun, good for open lapping and time trials by yourself as well as trying many tracks. Although I enjoyed gt6 once I got gsce I didn't touch gt6 pretty much at all. It really depends on what you are hoping to get from it. Personally I think it can be fun.
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  4. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I preferred GT5 to GT6 for the content. GT6's microtransactions also piss me off. GT5 had online events that you could repeat and quickly earn over 500K of in game credits. GT6 decided to sell you those credits and seriously throttle the in-game supply of them. Total bull.

    I still play GT6 with my G25 sometimes, when I feel like blasting a Mini round a track for a while, as it still looks pretty good on my PS3.

    My PS4 is a bit of a waste-of-space at the moment. It just sits here getting used for Golf, Baseball and American Football. The racing games don't support Logitech or Fanatec wheels because of some dodgy exclusive deal between Sony and Thrustplasic.

    Sony feed us all sorts of lies about the lack of an authentication chip in older wheels, but the older Thrustmaster wheels somehow amazingly work, without the special chip. Pfft.

    Moved all my online racing to PC as a result, but there is a SEVERE lack of Minis in the new PC games. The Devs just don't seem to care about Mini Challenge so I'm running an 8 year old PC game to race them!? :O_o::unsure:

    Very close to buying GSCE just to get more Mini racing! So much for 'next gen titles' eh? :speechless:
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  5. So the PS4 doesn't support the G27? So much for my plan to wait for GT7 on PS4. Ain't gonna spend 300euros more for another wheel unless this one breaks... I'm still thinking about a PS3 + GT6... however because of the university I don't even have time for the simulators atm. GSC is worth it, the Minis are great :)
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  6. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    Gsce is a fantastic sim, easily my favorite overall. If you like Mini's it is like a more refined and improved version of the race 07 ones. The karts, formula Vee, or the stock cars are all great too. If you are pretty involved in sim racing I can't imagine you not liking gsce.
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  7. For me it also started with 'Gran Turismo' on the Playstation, but I was almost a teenager. I saved and bought a PS1 'Dual Shock' edition in the late nineties, with analogue sticks (a good innovation at the time).
    'Gran Turismo' was the first 3d console racing game I played, and it was why I bought a PS1. The games are so bad by modern standards, but were good then.

    A more challenging racing game was 'Le Mans 24 hours' (also known as 'Test Drive Le Mans'). Silly physics, but the game had a proper career mode with many different teams and cars. The cars all had real differences with heat and damage affecting the way they drove. Challenging, long races with variable tuning, weather, tyres, fuel, brakes, engines, and damage.
    It was good at the time, but so bad by modern standards! Modern equivalent would be the 'Race Driver' series, that then became the 'Grid' series.

    GT3-5 I don't like as they're no fun, not realistic and have many flaws. GT6 is a step in the right direction, but it still has many problems. I hope GT7 is a lot better.
  8. GT2 is were I started loving cars and driving. I was about 13 when it came out and for me it was like taking a trip to the universe! I was not as good in the game at first, didn't now how to shift properly therefore chose an automatic and was jealous of my cousin knowing how to really nail gear changes. Then I had an idea if I took the slowest car and slowly work my way up I would also learn to shift with the manual a lot quicker. Sure enough it didn't take long before I mastered it.....but boy do I remember how joyful that process was :) The music in GT2 still has an affect on me namely garbage.... the rest is just garbage.... but no it was great!!

    Then came GT3 for the PS2 and the next gen graphics were mind blowing at that time. GT3 to me was like GT2 with better graphics. The game started to be more sim like from GT4 onward and I immediately knew that I was going to be thrown into a world of pure excitement.... and immediately knew I needed a wheel as soon as possible :thumbsup: Proper driving line, brake, throttle etc... time to become a race driver!! However I still hold GT2 days as the best of the best :D

    Today I own GT6 and honestly can't imagine my self without it. I also took a turn to iRacing recently and namely test and prep (for now) but find it a blast. I knew it was going to be great. I namely came to iRacing for the robust and exciting online racing rather then physics. For a long time I wanted proper competitive racing something with rules and regulations. However if GT had a robust online like iRacing I would have probably seen it as my only sim.

    "I know that I probably wouldn't like it compared to the sims I have, but still... I can't make up my mind." - In all honesty the way I see Gran Turismo is like the Best Motoring show or Top Gear - I need some side quests ya know. Not just the serious iRacing business. Anyways GT6 might not have physics like iRacing or some other sim but it more then makes up for it and it doesn't bother me in the least.

    "Now here I am with a G27 and most modern simulators in my PC and I'm missing something: The Gran Turismo effect... That passion in a sim." - Yes! Even though iRacing is going to teach me something that I can't find anywhere else I still hold GT6 as the most enjoyable namely because of the now better body roll dynamic. To me GT always "felt" the most realistic then any other sim..... therefor the most enjoyable but not only because of the body roll but realistic smoke coming out from brake lock up, the beautiful dynamic weather, night and day and just simply everything about it is superb. Take any premium car like the nsx or ferrari gto on the nurburgring with day and night dynamic weather and its just blissful. It draws you in and because of the whole immersion factor makes you motivated to do better and go faster. More immersion = More Fun = Faster is how I see it. Of course physics plays a huge roll but GT has more then good enough physics for the time being....
    I also like the 3rd person view the most but I switch between all as I feel in a weird way that it has some relevance to building overall awareness. For improving lap times I suppose the hood view is the best or the first person although I hate the latter on anything faster then a Honda Integra Type R.

    As much as I like racing I also like to watch replays of my races and GT has "THE" best replay although some camera angle like when it moves with the car is just stupid - Some of them are a bit exaggerated, cuts in way too much and belongs to some other racers like PC or Shift :p - but those are fun too I just don't have the time for em.

    Anyways I admire beauty in anything and GT is like the Mona Lisa of Sims.... so if you like me then go get Gran Turismo :mad: now!!
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  9. Quite a convincing text... unfortunately I don't have the time (studying physics can be tough :D) and money but when I get a summer job and money the first thing I will buy is a PS3 with GT6... I think we feel the same about GT :) Escudo Pikes Peak FTW right? :)
  10. GT6 is quite nice on some fantasy tracks, but it's not as beautiful as Forza 4. If you look at any screenshot of Forza 4 (running at 720p) and GT6 (running at 1080p) Forza still looks far more beautiful on any track with any car. The lighting is better, the track detail and lighting are far more beautiful (probably less realistic but Forza is like a car driving fantasy, not simulating the real world exactly).

    Also the cars in Forza are all like GT 'premium' cars, with full interiors, far better sounds and great looks. GT6 has nice premium cars, but some tracks and cars look dated and similar to GT4. Also the sounds, AI and controller mapping are awful. Even the force feedback is flawed with canned effects.
    GT6 improved the physics a bit, the menus a bit and the loading times a lot (though the time to install GT6 and it's patches is about a week :D). I hope GT7 fixes all of the problems, and it finally looks, sounds and plays great.
  11. All the best wishes for your schooling :)!

    Yeah!! Escudo on Red Rock Valley or Tommy kaira Skyline R34 on the Special Stage Route's :inlove:. I enjoyed all cars and tracks though :thumbsup:.
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  12. SK

    Prince with a thousand enemies. Premium

    GT was definitely what started it all for me...

    When my parents separated when I was about 5, my Dad got me a PSX with GT1 (perhaps competing for affection lol!). I remember at first I didn't like it much, I preferred Mario Kart 64 (which my mother purchased for me haha!). When I visited my Dad I would play GT, then one day he wandered into the living room to watch me and said "You're doing it wrong". We then sat down for lunch where he explained and drew out the concept of the racing line to his 5 year old (essential education!). He then did a race with me and subsequently thrashed me, not having played the game at all. Every weekend when I visited we would race each other once, until eventually I got too good for him :-P.

    It was all downhill from there... This single-handedly started my love of anything related to cars and with GT in general. It wasn't until the 10th grade (2004!) that through a part-time job I could buy myself a PS2 and GT4. My parent's were not particularly wealthy (and not very encouraging of my video game hobby), so my entire GT3/4 experience until that point was at my friends' house, but I would still play GT2 mostly. A few years later after finishing school, I could afford to get a PS3 and GT5 and get really into the peripherals. One of my proudest gaming achievements is getting platinum this game.

    These days I'm at the point where I know GT is relatively hopeless compared to the titles that are available today (rFactor, AC, PCars which I love playing), but that hasn't stopped my love affair with the series. No matter what people say, I will buy GT7, 8, 9, 10 without even thinking about it. I'm sure many others are the same :)
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