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The ideas, wishes & suggestions thread

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Renato Simioni, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    This is a thread for general ideas, recommendations, wishes and suggestions you all might have for GSC Extreme, Formula Truck & future Reiza titles, or even for Reiza in general.

    The goal is to concentrate all good thoughts such as this recommendation about the MR18 windshield or this about mirrors, along with wishes / suggestions such as which cars / tracks you´d like to see in a single place us devs can go for inspiration :)

    Forum member Leon_90 has kindly created a fairly extensive survey here - if you may take the time to fill it up, we´d also be interested in the results.

    While not all suggestions (and certainly not all wishes) might be doable for the current titles, we´ll try to absorb as many of the popular ideas as we possibly can as we move foward.

    EDIT: We will exceptionally allow posts in portuguese in this topic, for the sake of keeping all ideas in the same place.

    Excepcionalmente postagens em português serão permitidas neste tópico, para mantermos todas as idéias no mesmo local.
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  2. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    -custom championship
    -flatspot vibration
    -GT class car
    -Marcas cars in GSC - DONE!
    -Option to change qualy.practice length in game.

    please with sugar on top hehe
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  3. -marcas in gsce
    -brands hatch

    little bit of salt for me pls, not too much :)
  4. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Car wise more single seaters, you don't seem too bad at them.;)

    V10 Engined F1 car, I'm sure you would nail the sound.
    GP2/FR3.5 Style Car to fit between the F1's and the F3's

    As Dan said Custom Championship, or even working championships :whistling:

    My local track Oulton Park the scene of some great retro era races.
    A Reiza'd Monaco in your F1 cars I think would be a awesome challenge.

    It's great to see you are listening Renato, thank you.
  5. a slider to reduce bumpiness. with a dd-servo-wheel the bumps are to strong.
  6. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    Off the top of my head:

    - Improved night racing (lights, optimised, etc)
    - Unlock the extra layouts on the existing tracks e.g. the different layout of Cordoba, etc.
    - Ability to create a multi-class race (and/or championship)
    - Updated Interlagos with the new pit entry layout (or option to use either new or old version)
    - Ability to run races longer than 100 minutes
    - More lesser-known tracks. We can race the popular ones elsewhere, give us more rarities like more South American tracks or other "track day" tracks (Potrero de los funes, Balcarce, Franciacorta, etc. I'd happily pay for a DLC).
    - A V8 Supercars equivalent
    - Touring cars
    - Ginetta GTs and Jr
    - Formula E equivalent (I mean, come on, you do open wheelers so well...)

    Thanks for the open invitation to suggest things, Renato!!
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  7. 1) I'd love to see a working save facility between qual and race. When I get chance I like to race full length weekends, so it is better to practice and qualify on a separate day to the race.

    2) I use a third party rF utility to record my season - it takes the results direct from the log files, but it would be great to see this being done by the game itself, with a more comprehensive championship standings table included.

    3) Anything that can be done to enhance tyres and weather conditions would be a major plus.
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  8. for me

    - New Modern Tracks (Like Monza, Spa, Road America, Mid Ohio, Brands Hatch, Imola, Bathurst , Nurburgring, Hockenheim,Monaco, Fuji, Suzuka, Sepang, Jerez, Barcelona,Donington, Shangai, Mosport, Barber,Road Atlanta,Watkins Glen,etc) great tracks

    - New Brazilian Tracks (Velo Citta, Rivera, Piracicaba, Fazenda Capuava,Eusebio)

    - New Historic Tracks (Old Hockenheim, Nordschleife)

    - New Formula ''USA'' CAR [Like CART(the mod is coming! uhu), DW12] and OVALS (Indianapolis of course)


    - Variable Weather ( Rain)
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  9. - Gostaria de ver os jogos na plataforma do rFactor 2, com emborrachamento de pista e outras possibilidades.
    - Uma interface totalmente nova também seria ótimo.
    - Servidores oficiais dedicados 24/7 pra povoar o multiplayer
    - Marcas multiplayer oficial
    - Outros autódromos brasileiros como Virgílio Távora - Eusebio (de Fortaleza, minha cidade natal)
  10. Oculus rift support. my one and only request... please.
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  11. Just add the rain... Nothing more, and GSC will be the best!
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  12. ouvert

    Premium Member

    - custom championships (+mixed classes)
    - GT2/3 class or generally more "closed wheel" rwd cars
    - Radical like cars
    - EU, US tracks
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  13. hex


    - Hockenheim 1982-1991
    - Adelaide 1985-1995

    - F3 Ralt-Toyota RT3 (1983)
    - Porsche 917
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  14. Cars:
    90's Indycar/CART
    60's Formula one car
    60's, 70's, and/or 80's prototypes

    Monaco new and old
    LeMans new and old
    Spa new and old
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  16. Copa Shell de Marcas e Pilotos
    VW Voyage and Passat, Ford Escort, Fiat Oggi and Uno, Chevrolet Chevette and so on.
  17. BattleOvce

    Premium Member

    My wishlist

    Touring Cars, GT cars
    - nothing more, This is what I miss in game.
    Weather, Animated Pit Crew, Optimalization of night racing, or maybe better UI
    Is possible to add tool which download actuall track version and car mod from server before you join? This could make everything so easy.

    UK BTCC tracks, Brno Masaryk Circuit ( Automotodrom Brno), US Tracks
  18. - Que no final de cada prova de um campeonato seja mostrado a classificação com o numero de pontos da etapa realizada.
    - Que se possa consultar qualquer etapa de um campeonato em andamento para saber em que lugar ficou, ou um gráfico com todos os pilotos e circuitos, fazendo um cruzamento da colocação do piloto na etapa.
    - Na tabela de pontuação do campeonato atual, seja colocado o numero da colocação de cada piloto, na frente no nome, pois se quiser saber quem esta na 12º posição por exemplo tem que ficar contando com os dedos.... :)
  19. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    Okay with all those tracks I'll next sleep some time in 2020 :D :p
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  20. An 80's group C car
    Night racing, weather
    1967 Gurney Eagle
    Thanks for asking!!! :)