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The game is not installed

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by MrLemonnade, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Hi i recently tried to install RSRBR 11 i know i need the patches and everytime i try and install them they say the game is not installed is there anyway i can direct it so i can choose was file to install it in or am i just screwed?
  2. Installed the game properly? From a DVD?
  3. what do u mean? how else would i?
  4. My less than subtle attempt to find out if you have a legal copy or some sort of a DVD rip.

    It's all about the registry I guess. Is the game listed in Add/Remove programs?
  5. If you are referring to RSRBR Updates, whenever I install those, I get a screen which enables me to select my RBR installation path.
    However, the installer does a check of the Registry, and always finds my correct installation path.
    If you have two installations on your PC, you may need to choose it.

    If it can't find the installation in your registry, then you have a "problem" installation.
  6. Well my friend gave it to me for free but it didnt come with the real disc so im guessing its just a cracked copy :/ Well thanks for the help im gonna buy it off the internet cause these mods really seem worth it so does the game.
  7. It's really very cheap nowadays, and well worth it.
    Feel free to join us in online rallies here, when you get it all sorted :rally:
  8. Check out Ebay, you can usually pick up new copies for a few euros / dollars.
    And it is probably one of the all time best SimRacing games available still.
    With RSRBR2011 added, it is amazing.
  9. There's also a downloadeble version for 8pounds UK.