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The game freezes

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Peter Helmbro, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know why the game just freezes? I have had the same problem at Monza and now at Suzuka. I couldn't join the game again before the race began. Can anyone help me?
  2. I have the exact same problem.
    Seems to be crucial when the server is changing sessions .

    As for Peter today, it froze in the middle of the warmup session and its most annoying...

    Any help would be appriciated
  3. Fresh rFactor install + sync?
  4. Make sure you don't have any useless plugin such like the RFE weather plugin...
  5. Try to lower graphic settings. Happened with me last year when textures were on full.
  6. Does it only happen when you are on the race server? If so then it would suggest that your computer can't handle all the cars at the same time. I'd suggest trying lower graphics like Dmitry mentioned.

    Try testing this with 20+ AI cars in an offline race to see if you have these problems there as well.
  7. I have also one problem when warm up lap and its that lets of textures becaame black, I dont think its my GPU so I dunno what can be...
  8. Like flashing polygons (triangles)?
  9. Seems like we all get freezes! i seem to get it occasionally in testing and warmup. the game will just freeze for a second and them come back.

    Haven't had it in a race yet 'touch wood'
  10. Are you running MSI Afterburner? This was happening to me - stopped happening after I started closing it when playing rFactor. Touch wood.
  11. Yep
  12. I got afterburner..will try shutting it down.

    What graph settings are u guys using? I had everything on max.
  13. Putting everything on max is overkill with this mod, my settings are on medium and even then framerate drops at beginning of the race. This while my pc can handle most of the modern games without problems.
    I suggest lowering your graphics and see if the problems persist.
  14. What I've noticed is that player and opponent detail are huge fps cost in this mod. Anything above medium level doesn't even look different so its quite strange. Also keep your AA low. Thats another thing rF doesn't seem to like.
  15. Thanks for all your suggestions!
    I also have my game at the highest graphics. Will reduce my game to medium.
    I also had flashing polygons during qualifying. Have not seen it before.
  16. Try to reduce shadow blur quality.
  17. But why do you think its this happenin? I have a GTX 670 and even in BF3 didnt happened this to me (In ultra mode ofc)
  18. It`s happening when the video card is overheating due the processing.
  19. Turn off, Shadows (they slow allot the pc), other vechicle details, circuit detail (you don't need them to drive) also might help to decrease Visible Vechicle to 10 (example).
  20. What dx mode are u guys running? Does it make any difference to the performance if I run in dx9?