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The game crashes

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nickitich, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. HELP, please!!!
    the game crashes at any monent with the same report
    AppName: f1_2010_game.exe AppVer: ModName: f1_2010_game.exe ModVer: Offset: 0028b3c2

    i tried on Win XP SP3, Win 7....my config Intel e5200 & GF 8800 GT (also tried on e8500 & HD 5870), using graphical drivers 258.96 for GeForce and 10.10 for AMD ...setup official patch, different mods, but the problem REMAINS!!!

  2. What kind of mods??? Did the game crashed without mods???
    clean install without mods....try...then 1 mod after another....
  3. it crashes whatever i install mods or use clean version
  4. My advice

  5. i tried it...the problem remains!!!
  6. Check the graphic card driver.Is some games i experienced crash like that,once i updated didn't had the problem anymore.Also can be graphic card error(check on other games on the same operation system and see if crash too)or maybe the OS has some files broken who can affect the game.The best thing ios to install the game on another computer and see if working without any crash,if it does than the problem is your pc.
  7. I read somewhere that you can force DX9 to be used instead of DX10 or 11, somewhere in an .ini file, but can't remember the name. You might try that as I heard DX11 can cause problems on slightly older cards, but the 8800 series cards should be ok, as they were built DX10 compatible and DX11 is just an update to this I think, rather than a bit of an architecture change like going from DX9 to DX10.

    I used to receive an error just like this one, it was due to a faulty stick of ram. Unfortunately, it took me 3 months to diagnose. I tested it with the win7 mem test tool, which didn't pick anything up at all, even after leaving it on over night. Later (3 months), I tried using memscope, this picked up the faulty stick on it's first pass. Memscope is free, you should be able to find it using a google search. just use cd burning software to write it to a bootable cd. If you don't have cd burning software, use Starburn, which is also free, that's what I used.

    The moral of this story, don't use ms memtest tool that ships with win7, as it's rubbish. The faulty stick of ram was also brand new and a decent brand, or so I thought, it got shipped out to me faulty.
  8. thanks, guys...

    installed new drivers, maybe it will help
  9. Guys. There is no problem in our systems. There is known bug and problem of codemasters. I also get crashes to desktop sometimes. No often, but sometimes. I haven't any problems with other games, only F1 2010. I have updated drivers, last directx9 and as yet not used any mods. And I also know other people who have similar problems with stupid crashes to desktop. So it's game problem. I wait for patch 1.02 from codemasters because unfortunately game has a lot of bugs :(
  10. Nah DX11 requires different board architecture to DX9/10 - otherwise a simple software update would have people like me with crossfire 4870s running in DX11 :D

    There is a hardwareconfig.xml file in your My Docs > Documents > Games etc etc (not the main F1 install) where you change the command for DX9 from false to true, which in some cases can solve crashes.

    As you have tried different O/S and GFX cards, I would certainly try using some different RAM if you can, or maybe swapping out your sticks one by one to see if it causes the game to be more stable. I had a game crash a lot on me back along on a previous rig, yet everything else (O/S, applications etc) was fine. I naturally suspected it to be the game, or the graphics hard/software, however it was a faulty stick of RAM.
    As games tend to tax RAM modules more than general use, it normally highlights the problem before it degrades to such a level that your entire system becomes unstable.