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The future of Formula Truck?

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by hex, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. hex


    Long time now since the Game Stock Car Extreme became priority title for @Reiza Studios which is pretty obvious judging by the popularity, but there's a lot of people loving the sister-title too, and so I have two questions for the team:

    1) I read some time ago that Formula Truck will have the same graphical revamp that GSCE received. I saw recently that new terrain shaders are coming for GSCE, not a word about FT, sadly.
    Also, there were supposed to be other features like presented below diesel smoke :inlove:
    No rushing here from my side - just plain curiosity is it still being in WIP mode or abandoned? (hope not)

    2) Watching that Game Petrobras de Marcas will eventually end up as an addon for GSCE - is there any consideration by the team to have Trucks as an addon to GSCE aswell? This would make GSCE a one huge game gathering all Reiza's works, and pretty much letting Truck lovers (like myself) to race on many more tracks.

    Would be very grateful for any answers :)
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  2. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    FT will receive the same updates as GSC, the code things are taking a bit longer than we'd like but that's the way of things I guess.

    FT didn't receive an update yet as only one of the tracks in FT has been updated so far. I guess we'll release something once we have a more substantial update available.
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  3. hex


    Thank you, Alex. Very comforting info :thumbsup:
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  4. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    Once again honest and prompt feedback from Alex.
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  5. To be honest, I'd love to see FT incorporated into SCE. I don't know how much work it'd be, or what the licensing conditions are. From a user point of view, tho, it would be great to be able to switch to truck racing without exiting the game; it would also make it easier to race trucks on the myriad SCE addon tracks available online, and it would also save some hard disk space (as we wouldn't have to dedicate space to duplicate tracks). It's far from a #1 priority, but it could work perfectly as a DLC (paid DLC for SCE owners, heavily discounted or free for owners of both).

    That said, FT is still young in the steam marketplace, and there's probably a few (a bit foolish, imo) users who may only have bought FT and not SCE, who would surely be upset if the FT game was left aside once it became a DLC addon for SCE, so Reiza would still have to support both games (GSCE+FT addon and FT standalone) separately, anyway, at least for a while.

    Either way, I'll certainly keep playing and enjoying both (SCE primarily, FT for a change of pace) for a long time, still.
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  6. Flammenjc

    Nitor Velox Gaming Premium

    I feel this would be a good move too. Even as a paying customer for Fomula Truck I'd welcome such a move if it boosts the popularity to something which ftruck deserves entirely.
  7. Claudio Gandolfi

    Claudio Gandolfi
    Pheripheral consumer

    I disagree: i think FT got to have its own autonomy, and not only for commercial reasons (in Brasil is maybe the most popular racing series).
    it's just other than any racing cars series...
  8. hex


    Yes, but Stock Car Series had its own game in the very beginning because it is a popular racing series as well, and look at it now - all sorts of cars: from tiny karts through little Vees and Minis up to big Opalas - why not to have even bigger trucks in it too?

    + no need for having same tracks doubled;
    + possibility to race on far greater number of community-made tracks;
    + whole Reiza content in one-click;
    + track updates immediately affecting both titles (unlike now, where we still don't have updated tracks in FT);
    + more money for Reiza, because as I've said I would gladly pay for such an official addon - even though I already own FT;

    Oh, and don't tell me you never wanted to do this:

    - Reiza guys would have to invest their time and do it, obviously;
    - Probably some technical head-scratch on distribution system;
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  9. Sky


    as someone who's ended up spending a lot more time truck racing than on gsce, it is quite cool that its its own game, but i can see that 1. being part of gsce would probably draw in more people to the trucks that are put off by buying another game (cheapskates! :p) , 2. would allow for more tracks a little easier.
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  10. foolish? I have FT and do not have GSCE because I love truck racing and I am not too interested in those specific series currently represented in GSCE, cool as they may be. does it make me a fool?

    I do agree that having simultaneous track updates in FT and GSCE would be great. easily solved by having common track format.
  11. Flammenjc

    Nitor Velox Gaming Premium

    Like I said, as an FT customer I would not feel in any way bad if they intergrate the FT content in GSC.

    I think only good can come of it. It brings everything together in one title and makes Reiza look even more like kings of the simracing development world by being the peoples champions and giving people even more content for minimal or no cost at all. The opposite of iRacing for instance.
  12. hex


    Guys, guys! Don't panic, please. Game Petrobras de Marcas even though it's already incorporated with GSCE, it still has its own standalone game on Steam that received an update recently.
    So I guess the same would be with FT. No one ever said that those who don't own GSCE would have to buy it in order to play FT. NO. Those who say "FT should have its own autonomy" would still have it. Simple.

    It might be easily solved, but still it requires both of the same tracks - one for FT, and one for GSCE.
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  13. if you want to race on this track in both games, yes, you will have to have two copies (in fact, I believe in rFactor you could explicitly specify the location of tracks which might be outside of the main installation folder - not sure if Reiza games have this setting). but then it would be yours to choose. if there was a single game incorporating everything - yes, you might save some space on your hard drive, but others might just as well receive few gigs of content (top-notch, granted) that they simply have no use for.

    If what you are suggesting is a single "platform" with Brazilian stock cars, trucks and what not coming as pluggable add-ons, then I am not sure how it is different from the original rFactor architecture and whether ISI would be ok with it. Pricing model would probably also have to change.

    in the end, the question boils down to code differences between trucks and regular race cars simulation. if there are none, and all the differences are handled via gMotor configuration settings, then I suppose the games technically can be merged (even if they should not, for the reasons I pointed out above). I personally would prefer to see more truck-specific updates (such as historic Formula Truck or maybe other truck racing series) confined to FT title, although I am not holding my breath, seeing as trucks apparently fetch much less public interest than the tin-tops and open-wheelers of GSCE.
  14. £0.02

    I don't think it would be fair to those who bought FT to just give the content away to GSCE owners.
    However, given that both cost reasonably similar amounts, it is true that there is a content disparity between the 2 titles. Would definitely be nice to see more content for FT, as above, some historic content or similar.
    If you increased the content in FT then it might be ok to put a couple of truck models in GSCE for them to race with, with FT still having value due to the extra content.
  15. hex


    We're talking now about default tracks that come with the game. Game Stock Car Extreme has all tracks that are available in Formula Truck. The only differences (but I might be wrong) are the adv-banners.

    It's already been said. Standalone Formula Truck would still be available (again: Game Petrobras de Marcas [standalone] received an update even though it's incorporated with the GSCE), so people like YOU wouldn't have to buy/install GSCE in order to play FT. To be honest, I don't even know why are you so much against the idea - nobody's forcing you to buy GSCE - you can still use standalone and don't mind us.

    Does it have to be different? Both GSCE and FT are simply rFactor on steroids. It's funny how GSCE having tons of cars (some 13 racing series + twice as many community content) is not a problem, but when you add just one more (FT) - then all of a sudden is a no-go for you. Care to explain?

    There are same differences between trucks and "regular race cars" as between "regular race cars" and karts or vees. It's all down to physics. Both games are using the very same isiMotor2 AFAIK.

    And why having FT as an addon in GSCE would stop those from happening? For your information Reiza's making Opala 1986 which you can consider as an update for already existing Opalas. If those can have an update, why trucks couldn't?

    I'm almost certain Reiza won't ever do it, so you're safe I guess.

    No one ever said it would be given for free to those who didn't buy FT standalone. FT-addon would be up for those who own FT the game and want it in GSCE. This does NOT mean you have to do it - you would still be able to use your standalone.

    Oh, so now it's not OK to do that, but when FT gets bigger - then it will be OK? This is beyond silly for me, and I'm starting to regret I've brought the idea up.
    I am not able to understand arguments of those against it. I just can't. Maybe some other guys would continue this debate.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2015
  16. look hex, no need to get overheated about this. when you are saying FT may be available both as a standalone title and as an addon for GSCE, I see no problem with it. however, technically it would mean either:
    a) track/car format unification between Reiza titles (which would mean that all content becomes freely interchangeable and which is probably not what Reiza wants);
    or b) somebody having to separately maintain the standalone FT branch (which is essentially no different from what we have now). so I am not sure what exactly you are proposing here.

    I do not mind at all if FT becomes a GSCE addon on the same scale as the series you named, I just don't see the updates being applied simultaneously to this addon and the standalone title (and guess which of the two is going to be left behind).

    it's, like, your opinion. maybe, maybe not. I think I did see somebody mention (not in relation to FT) that Reiza did make some code tweaks in addition to config tweaks. if this is true, then your observation above is not entirely valid.
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  17. meh
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2015
  18. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Merging FTruck with GSC is not possible due to licensing issues - these are rival series with competing sponsors, each has its own licensing terms which cannot co-exist.

    It´s different with Marcas & StockCar as those 2 series are organized by the same company - there was only a conflict with the fuel supplier / sponsor of each series up until last year. Having that restriction lifted with Petrobras becoming suppliers also to Stock Car this year was what allowed us to add Marcas to GSC.
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  19. Flammenjc

    Nitor Velox Gaming Premium

    That's a really clear transparent response from you Renato[Reiza] and I thank you for this.
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  20. damn. what a bummer to the end of the thread. oh well, appreciate the response.