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Misc The Fantasy Season Mod Pack! (Includes New Drivers, Skins & Teams!) 2.2.2

Made with skins by Elchambre86!

  1. BigEarsGaming submitted a new resource:

    The Fantasy Season 2 Mod - F1 2016 Season 2 Mod adding in new drivers to the game replacing others. (W.I.P)

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  2. Big thanks man, amazing!:D
  3. A good rating would be much appreciated my friend :)
  4. Hello, great mod!
    I have an idea, maybe it's possible to start the Carrer with the 2014 drivers/cars, season 2 with 2015 drivers/cars, season 3 with drivers/cars 2016, then the new one etc....
    I'm not good in modding, but I think all driver and cars skins 14/15 are already done in F1 2015 when it's possible to Import in 2016.
    Would be great if it's work!
  5. So when you say "place the language_eng.lng file found in the .rar in here" what do you mean exactly by that? I've tried to figure it out but I can't seem to. I've tried taking the language_eng.lng file from the download but can't seem to in order to put it in the folder. I'm new to modding with files like this so if you can, a step by step would be great.
  6. Will this still work if I, for example, replace Kvyat with Gasly instead of Sainz?
  7. For Felipe and Nico they has their own 'lng_' string. Are that really matter? Coz if it's not then we will feel free to edit Massa - Name's or Rosberg - Hulkenberg's name then?
  8. Thanks for the idea I'll look into it!
  9. if you go into your localisation folder in your F1 2016 game folder, there should already be a folder in there called 'language_eng.lng' replace that with the one you have downloaded and it should work!
  10. Great mod!
    I'll download and use it when those things are done:
    • The nationality and flags listed for new drivers instead of the ones they replaces.
    • New drivers faces to show up instead of the originals in things such as grid lines up etc.
    It sounds good as ****.

    Yeap great idea!! I was doing the same thing on F1 2014, using mods to have 2010 cars, and switched drivers myself.
    It was way more realistic when ending seasons.
  11. I got it to work. The file seemed to be downloading incorrectly. I knew it was simple but the file just kept downloading on my PC incorrectly. Works great now. Think you could work on a mod for the updated 2017 F1 cars? God hoping they actually look good next year
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    The Subtitle Update (Pt. 1)

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    The Subtitle Update (Pt. 2)

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    1.7.0 Compatability

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