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The end of F1 in Spain?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Xosé Estrada, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada


    It seems that 2012 will be the last year for both the European GP at Valencia and the Spanish GP at Catalunya, according to what newspapers from both autonomous communities say.

    I think this is product of the crisis, but as well as the end of the F1 fever happening in the mid 00's when Fernando Alonso was at Renault. Now F1 is established still as a very followed sport but with half of the numbers it had in 2006.

    I'm somewhat not happy, because you always want to have more GPs close to home, but at the same time there are many other GPs in Europe where I could go, and maybe this way France and Portugal can have their chance, which are in fact closer or as close to where I live in Spain than Barcelona or Valencia. Also Jerez or Alcañiz could step ahead for the Spanish GP, or even Valencia mantain it with the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, but considering the economical situation I think this is also a message of responsibility to the UE and a proof of the cost cutting.

    I think Catalunya did well this times, in Valencia case, using Ricardo Tormo Circuit would be much more intelligent but as I said there was a "monaco-like" project planned surrounding the F1 that went so wrong.
  2. That sucks big time. Can´t say i was a fan of either tracks from watching but i do enjoy the layout of Catalunya.

    Assuming those two goes then we have the city track in the US and possibly South Africa in 2013.
  3. Sounds like it will be a GP in Cape Town, rather than Kyalami, assuming it comes to South Africa.

    Which will probably mean another TilkeDrome, as there are no tracks in CT nearly ready for a GP.

    But if it's anything like Istanbul, it should be fun.
  4. ...or India or Austin :)

    If it won´t be Kyalami then i assume it is Killarney,
  5. It's only 3.267km though, isn't there a lap distance minimum on all F1 tracks except Monaco - which is 3.3km - now?

    It will also need an upgrade, so it will probably be lengthened, if it's being considered.

    India and Austin would make sense, as the Rand-Dollar/Rand-Pound exchange rate wouldn't make it possible, really, to host it.

    I would love it though.
  6. Good point, can´t remember what the minimum distance is.

    As far as India and Austin i ment that they are/will be enjoyable as Turkey, not that South Africa would host their grand prix in another country :)
  7. I guess I'll be making it to the last Spanish GP this year then. :)

    With the current economic crisis it seems like a lot of European GP's might be feeling the pressure. I just hope it won't come down to pure economic profit with more and more GP's happening at places like Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and so-so street circuits like Valencia and Singapore. Losing classic GP's to maximize profit would be dull for the sport and spectators. :/
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  8. ummmm ditch Valencia honestly, is not even fun to race it on F1 2011 the game :/
    Catalunya is fun to watch. It snot a great track but its sweet.
  9. I personally won't mind if there's still a GP in Spain. But please not both, one race seems to be so lame it takes the other one down.

    Why not a different track? I guess Jarama's far from it now, Jerez has no interest and what about Motorland Aragon?

    IMO, Ricardo Tormo fits MotoGP, also F3 and just WTCC, but it looks too cramped for a F1 GP. Funny enough I've never seen the track in racing simulations much.
  10. I´d like to see Aragón, it´s Tilke designed but from what i have seen, it produces good racing.
  11. If it's Tilke designed and produces awesome racing, chances are it won't pass F1's stringent rules on F1 track requirements.
  12. As long as the track is Class A certified then it should be no problems. The layout of the track does not matter unless the track is too short or too long. As long as the safety standard is there.
  13. Catalunya's a fun track to drive, but overtaking is low because there's only turns 1 and 2 that are good for passing. But I was so bored driving on Valencia I crashed out by accident and didn't care. Although sector 3 is good.
  14. James Chant

    James Chant

    F1 use the facility for testing - I don't get why they dont race there.
  15. Testing doesn't mean Racing. I think it's a bit small and tight like a shoe. Looks good for mentioned series.
  16. so in the last few months Korea, Hockenheim, and Spain's both tracks are all up in the air. we also had the Texas circuit barely survive in this time as well.

    looks like bernie has squeezed F1 rights to death, and they are starting to fall.

    looks like Uzbekistan will host a race soon, as long as they buy and build the tilke-drone starter kit.

    i just hope he dies soon.
  17. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Bad news for HRT and exposure for their new investors.
  18. I lol'd :D
  19. For what we have to pay to uncle Bernie, keep them way form Portugal, we don't need that now.
  20. Most of the money the government pays Bernie for the event they get back later thanks to the people who watch the races through hotels, food, drinks, and just general sales in the area.