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The dreaded puncture

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by James Bannister, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys.

    Just wondering if anyone else is noticing this at all in race. Mainly in 100% length races, your race Engineer obviously sets you up on a race strategy, i.e. start on options, lap 16 pit onto primes, lap 42 pit onto options, finish race.

    I was racing but decided my options were not lasting so pitted on lap 14, then on lap 41 the worst possible thing happened, bang, rear right puncture , crawling back to the pits I then had my left rear go as well (luck was definitely not on my side, especially as I was fighting for a podium) I managed to nurse the car back and then finished the race on the options, is this because the primes on that track had a maxiumum life of 28 laps and I just tried to go for too long? As I was not struggling with the primes yet still had the puncture.

    I've experienced this on a few tracks, if so am I right in thinking on the tyre screen (where you have the two circles and numbers) that the number on the inside of the tyre is the amount of laps they can do before they have a possible puncture experience. I have no idea what the outer number means, I've read ultimate grip, but to me that made no sense as the ultimate grip will deteriate before you've even warmed the tyres up.

    So any tips on stopping this puncture experience would be awesome, I'm hoping I'm right and I should just listen to the inner number! As i don't want to keep ruining races from a tyre blowing up.
  2. I think the guidance on the tyres in the garage (the rings etc) is only useful in tyre selection choices (fresh/scrubbed/worn), rather than a number relating to laps you need to remember to pit before they blow. Everyones style, setup, technique on track is different so there is no hard and fast rule how many laps a tyre can do.
    I would say tyre blowouts are random, but obviously a blow out is more likely if your tyres are very worn and you are hitting the kerbs or going off road, but ive got punctures in the wet with 50% worn wets.The only thing you can use to monitor your tyres during a race is the HUD and how they feel to drive on.

    If they were so worn that they are likely to blow as a result, I would guess the car would not be handling well at all, so it doesnt sound like yours were worn that badly.
  3. Well according to the HUD my tyres were pretty worn, I just didn't find them too unstable at all. Might just have been my driving style for the race as I wasn't pushing, and I had been on those tyres for 28 and a half laps when the tyre went (this was at Melbourne if it helps) it just seemed a bit of an odd coincidence that I had pitted 2 laps earlier on my first stint and had I done the same with the second stint then I wouldn't have experienced the puncture. I was just wondering if there is a way to get a rough idea of how many laps each tyre can do until you are playing dangerously with the potential puncture, as it always seems to happen when I try to go longer than the race strategy suggests on primes (I never find them too slidey) yet with options I tend to want to pit as soon as they are near the time they give me as I really notice the tyre grip fading.
  4. I did have also that problem:( I was driving quite well (6. long way to 7.) and I was using my engineerĀ“s recommended race strategy+1 stop... I did my fastest lap time at 3 laps before race ends, feeling good with the tires, pushing a lot and using mix 2. But suddenly 2-laps before race ends, I had puncture in both my rear tyres, touchet the wall and crashed with Kovalainen... Lost my front wing and got 20sec penalty, so I ended at 17. :( My tires were really worn according to HUD, but I was able to catch front runners and do my best laps... So, I was wondering if theres some problem with tyre simulation or grip levels? I didnĀ“t have this sort of problems with 1.1 patch (but I was using falcon44 mod...)
  5. Well I'm playing on the 360. What I genuinely think it is at the moment is.

    On your pit strategy, your first and second stint always have the maximum laps for the tyres, thus me doing 1 lap extra just caused it to blow, as it happened to me and my friend at Kuala Lumpar a week before, both driving around, both comfortable on the primes (grip rarely seems to deteriate too much on these) but we both decided to go a bit extra on our prime stint and both had tyre blow outs that seem to cost you the lap.

    What I would do in future to prevent this is on the tyre menu screen in qualifying or race if you qualified out the top 10, is to check the middle number (about 27 for primes and 16 for options but vary for each track) and do not do more laps than that suggests, just to prevent the chance of a puncture. Although you can get them randomly as well, but at least it won't be your fault!
  6. During car set-up I would do some tire degredation tests on the opyions and to see how maby laps you can do before your times start to drop, then work your strategy out from there.

    See my thread!
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  7. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Here is a video from my last race showing what the OP has said, although I was on for +4 laps after my scheduled stop.

  8. loving the ballard riding with you there!
  9. lol, three flat tyres ...
  10. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Oh yeah I never noticed that in the picture :p
  11. 3 flat tyres and the engineer feels the need to remind you to pit in this lap - thats why they get the big bucks eh!?
  12. In my case I did not suffer such problem. I made two very different 50% races in hungary.

    On the first I followed the suggested race strategy, without being aware that I did not have enough prime sets to make such strategy. Thus, for my last stint I got a beautiful set of orange-red primes and (if I recall correctly) 8 laps to go. I decided to soldier on, the car had immense understeer, but I got no flats.

    On the second one, based on what I had learned, I ignored the race strategy and tried to stretch each set a couple of laps so I would save one stop. It worked quite nicely and I did not get any flats.

    I did not try a 100% race yet, so I cannot say about that.
  13. So potentially it is slightly random, it's so hard to save but I've had since the update 3 punctures in 4 100% races, yet both times I haven't been struggling with the car, although my tyres would have been in the red on the HUD, I'm guessing I should try what dazz said and test the length I can get out of each tyre, I find the option tyre I'm normally struggling enough to have to print but with the prime I'm quite comfortable.

    I just don't want races ruined from it so will be a matter of working it out as soon as I can.
  14. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Excellent grip on that front right Andrew ;)

    What do you mean by you 'was on for +4 laps' though..
  15. Are you wandering often away from the racing line? The chance of puncture is supposed (diclaimer, I have no proof) to increase in the dirty areas.
  16. I like to think I stick to it quite well but obviously during a long race it's hard to retrack every lap I did on those primes, so I may have potentially been on dirty parts now and then, but it blew when driving normally. I can only think with the prime tyres, my setup/driving style means you can only do the recommended amount of laps.

    With the +4 laps comment, did you mean you had done 4 extra laps on those tyres than when you were due to pit?
  17. I was not the one with the +4 laps comment, but I was doing at least +3 laps on my race (and effectively +8 with the worn set!).