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The DIY Shifter Thread

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ensonic, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. After a good wheel and good pedals there is another device that is very important for getting a good feeling when racing. The shifter. The Logitech or Fanatec ones are to toyish for me, so I decided to look after an alternative. After one hour on Ebay I found the parts that I needed:

    1* BMW 5 Series (E39) Steptronic Shifter (in Germany I paid 20€ but after my DIY Guide was postet in a German forum the prices raised for some to 40 Euros :( The demand was there suddenly

    1* Gear knob for that BMW

    You can remove parts of the Shifter unit so only the Shifter is left with the plug that goes to the microswitches in the Shifter. I cutted the Plug and soldered a PS2 to it for fitting to my Fanatec Wheel. Connecting to a Bodnar USB Controller is another solution. The blue leads are all connected and are Ground. The other two are switched leads. Here are my pictures:




    Here is the Connection Plan for the Fanatec Wheel

    __3___ 4___
    2 ________5
    __1 _^ _6__

    1. NC

    2. +3.3v

    3. X-Axis for gated shifter, Upshift for sequential

    4. Y-Axis for gated shifter, downshift for sequential

    5. Ground

    6. mode select for gated shifter, or common signal on sequential shifter

  2. Thats a brilliant solution mate! I will be looking into this for sure!
  3. Just added a video... I the next thread I will show you my next started project. Just waiting for the Youtube Upload.
  4. Project DIY High End 6 Speed Shifter

    After I finalized the sequential shifter I needed a replacement for my 6 speed Fanatec shifter. So again Ebay was visited and I looked again for shift levers from real cars. After a while I thought that the Mercedes A140 A-Class Shifter should be perfect. It's not to big, you have much space under and around the shifter and the lever has a spring so it returns in the X Directions allways to the middle (like in a real car). The price was fair with 18 Euro. Yesterday my parcel arrived and I made a short clip from the shifter. I will post more, after I have an idea how to get further :confused:

  5. set video from private to public
  6. Figured I would post this for a friend. He does not come around the hardware section as much as I do. Anywho, stolen from RSC. =] Currently he is working on a new "cleaner" version for resale.


    Well I was lucky enough to grab a screeny off of google cache of my original RSC post for this. However I will only give the short short version here.

    Once upon the time.. I wanted to buy a shifter. I have the Logitech momo wheel with 2 pedals and at the time the G25 was still $300US. So after a very exhaustive search I found only retarded expensive pre-builts followed by complete crap pre-builts. So I turned to the DIY you-tubers only to find most of those shifters were a bit.... "ginger beer". So out I set to make a shifter to better emulate the type of shifter found in Historic GT and Touring cars.

    Example! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v504/F12Bwth2/Forums/1966TriumphSpitfiredashKRM.jpg

    Vs the open gated shifter so many other people adopt.


    So after 3 months of walking through Home Depot and in the basement and wiring like crazy I finally made it. Now some things I changed since the original build so I will not go into great detail as to keep from confusing people. I was just going to smash this place with images but I am limited to 4 images per post for some dumb reason. So here is the full Album http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y136/F12Bwth4/H Shifter/?start=all Note it is oldest picture first.

    Heres a demo video from months ago

    Now since the old RSC I have changed the metal H-Plate to a custom PVC one and added the 4 button box on the back and the fingertip toggle.


    I am seriously considering making a few of these with a custom box to sell here and on other Sim forums. But I need to hear back from Mr Bodnar to assure I won't need to screw around with broken gampads.
  7. Nice old sports roadster style despite of the power supply casing :)
  8. Thank you Evan for posting my shifter. Not like you couldn't have just told me about the tread. Sheesh.

    Tis' the feel I was going for. It has no return to center or clunking into gear but I dont miss either of those things. I just smoothly move it from gear to gear silently like I am churning butter. Also here's the new cleaner one I am working on. May try to sell one or two since people have asked. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v504/F12Bwth2/H-Shifter Prototype/IMG_1845.jpg
  9. Hi,
    I'm looking for a sequential and h gearbox for Iracing as what you put in the first photo. How did you create it? Did you use a base? and strength?
    Thank you. Sorry for my English language.
  10. Here's mine.


  11. Made things neater, adding button panel next.


    And a quick vid

  12. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff


    That looks like a sturdy piece of kit. But i guess with it coming from a real car, it wont get the abuse its designed for, so should last a lifetime!!

    Nicely packaged too, looks very neat now its more complete than before.

    I would do this kind of thing too if i didnt use a h-shift so often lol
  13. Is it possible that you could post your guide here, this looks really cool.
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  14. Nice projects/shifters :)