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The difference between GTR-Evo and RACE 07

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chad711, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Help me understand this if I am incorrect. Isn't Race07 the cars that you see in the classes WTCC 2006 and WTCC 2007 as well as F3000? Then GTR-Evo is basically the WTCC extreme class and the GT classes?

    If so then why is the GTR-Evo club full of Race07 events but barely any GT classes and WTCC extreme? I really want to get some racing in with you guys but I do not race the Race07 series. I'd love to see more open events for the actual GTR-Evo addon
  2. Yes Race 07 is the WTCC F300 FBMW and Evo is all the GT's and Extremes. Why are they combined well really EVo is an addon to Race07 and it was easier to put under one label. As for events there is a mixture of both R07 and Evo events but more R07 becuase all members may not have Evo yet just like only a few members actually have the STCC addon.

    As the saying goes: "You can please some of the people some of the time"
  3. Why dont they make a game whit all cars in it so the F300 FBMW all together.. Or did they already?
  4. yes that is gtr evo :confused: :)
  5. So my question is this, why are these Race07 events posted as GTR-Evo events? I joined this community in hopes to get out of public servers and into more private community servers for GTR-Evo events. The two events that I have seen are the only ones that were US related and GTR-Evo related. However Sundays at 9ish is when my league races are so I missed the two posted here. Is there any reason events like those cannot be scheduled more often? I see Euro events almost daily here for Race07.
  6. Basically, GTR EVO has replaced Race 07, and for a very small cost, I can't understand why anyone with Race 07 wouldn't download the EVO addon from Steam.
    However, even though we list all of the events under EVO, most of them can be run with Race 07. The only exceptions would be GT Car events, or events using the EVO specific tracks (Nords, Nurburg), so if you have Race 07 you should still be able to join them.
  7. Thanks Warren but I think you might be misunderstanding me. I am BEGGING for more GTR-Evo race events. When I say that I mean more events using the actual cars from the GTR-Evo addon. More US GTR-Evo events, WTCC Extreme and GT classes!

  8. Right on Chad!!!

    I agree completely.... That is why we bought Evo!!! What's the point if we don't have hardly any GTR-Evo (GTP, GTS, GT Extreme) races to attend???
  9. The categories at Evo are great and with much more power. its Definitly worth it.