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The Crazy Russians did it...997 GT3 RSR and COTA

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by speedrcr, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Hi slightly new to the forums as I just recently got AC. Used to play GTR2 and Race07 alot back in the day...more recently GT5 and GT6.

    Did anyone see this!!! Released yesterday!!!

    I'm in the process of checking it out...

    Porsche 997 GT3 RSR

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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    The Porsche has been ripped straight from Forza 4, and the COTA has been ripped straight from Codemasters, which they (Codemasters) have requested it be taken down.

    None of it is self made, and none of it has had permission to be converted.
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  3. i dont care about some crap cota & some crap conversion thereof...give me that crap porsche conversion!
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  4. look: i know that some of you may be under the impression that russians are not awesome. check the readme and prepare to have you mind blown. not only do they defeat the stereotype that they can only type in weird symbols, but the english is -perfect-. these guys are pros, & i know that because that english tells me this beauty is the glorious bastard child of like 6 different works. at least. seriously. god damn i love russians.
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  5. And how exactly does any of what you've just stated change the fact that both the track and car are unauthorized conversions? Russians may very well be awesome and I am sure there are many who would fit that description but Im not sure I could attribute that title to someone who uses someone elses work without their consent instead of building it themselves. :rolleyes:
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  6. well, i dont see YOU doing it...who are you to criticize?
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  7. Sure, thats because I dont find stealing from others necessary to enjoy AC! Already plenty of official or authorized content for me.
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  8. I've seen that car being released a while ago. Illegality aside, it's pretty nicely done. Fun to race against the BMW and Mclaren.

    The convertor of the Porsche did give all credits to Turn10 (not that that would make it more legal, but still...)
  9. It's too fast for GT3 pretty much every where but Monza
  10. Well I'm having a hard time against 100% AI. I might have to improve my driving skills....
    If you add some downforce to the rear the car gets very stable and understeerish though.
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  11. Please refrain from attacking other members on a personal level.
    Joseph made a thought out point you can disagree with and reply to with "Au contraire!", but do keep it civilized.
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  12. edit: nvm
  13. The stock physics are crap guys, it's not really worthy of the hype TBH....and as Chris said, it's a 100% illegal conversion (and the interior's not very good IMO -it's very bright-)
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  14. edit: if you dont like it you can stay away from it without putting negative energy out there :)
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  15. I have to say I agree if you are steeling ones "free mod work" where someone donated their own free time. I've done some mod work on ArmA and dealt with a little of that...not even any credit.

    But if someone got paid and the company owns the property and they made a profit from it and no profit is being made here, I have no problem with it...but that's my opinion.

    We are all entitled to our own.

    I appreciate the fact someone did this to add content and going above the ridiculous trademark battle EA makes of this car and brand...and in a way its a finger to them that in a way is justified.
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  16. But you're stealing their profit because you're putting out the same product (that's theirs in the first place) for free....

    It'd be an even better insult if the work was scratch made.....
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  17. ...
  18. edit: waste of time
  19. Do
    Dont need to be staff to point people to the relevant info.

    Thread should be locked
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  20. Cmon, it's out there...it's done enjoy the mod or not, lets not debate that some work has been done whether legit or not in your opinion and people get into fights over it.

    I just wanted to make people aware it's out there if you want it.

    It's there, I'm enjoying it.
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