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Mods The Complete Modding Guide 1b

Explanatory PDF about modding

  1. Giovaneveterano submitted a new resource:

    The Modding Guide - Explanatory PDF about modding

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  2. Thanks this helps explain alot.
  3. Ok. I've updated the edit permission of the editable file on Google Drive, not everyone can add things :)
    Thanks everyone!
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  4. Hey giovaneveterano, I have a problem in the game... When i overtake an IA he become really slow and lose at least a second from me.. That means i can't be overtaken and in a moto3 race the group would be divided! Have you got this problem too?? Any idea to solve that?? Maybe is an IA line problem... Thanks for this guide! That help me a lot :)
  5. That's the auto brake feauture of AI...
    If AI thinks it's going to crash into somedoy it brakes...

    This is why at race start AI is slow during the first corners, because they all have 1 rider in front and need to brake, otherwise, going at normal speed, they would crash into each other
  6. Yeah solved. Don't worry mate, I'm modding for you :thumbsup:
  7. Thanks Jonix for the answer and thanks giovane for modding that :D
  8. Hi, this PDF is Awesome, really helps people like me who are new to modding!

    I have a 2 quick questions though. I was wondering if it's possible to Mod Ai into different teams for example put Jorge Lorenzo on Ducati and Maverick Vinales on Yamaha, if it is possible how can you do it? Been wanting to do a modded career mode for youtube and i thought that making a change teams would be good :)

    Final question how can i improve Ai so after a season i could say improve Aprillia then after another season they get closer to the front
  9. You have to discover it yourself, you can edit names and textures as of now, this way you could turn J lorenzo into maverick and etc..

    About the second one, you have to edit manually Aprilia Vehicle performance .bml file
    There is no automatic system that will do it in the game
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  10. thanks for your help, i'm new to this so trying to find out what i can and can't do within the game. Is it possible to duplicate bikes like LCR Honda to add another rider into the team and is it possible to add teams in for example if i wanted to add in my Youtube channel as a team would i have to replace or add in a team??

    Thanks A lot,

    Ryan :)
  11. I just wanna know the same, I try and I fail, Try asking in the Request thread , maybe someone know how to do that
  12. Hi guys, we are not genius who know anything about this game.
    This is NOT a request or help thread, this is a modding thread, where you share your knowledge, do not ask for it

    I'm sorry to be rude, but there are TWO threads that match your comments (Modding Questions and Requests threads, though Modding questions fits better)

    I'm no admin or mod but keep this clean please
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  13. Hi could u point me in the right direction for the names, i have edited all the .DDS files and they are all working i just need to change the names of the riders, but everything i do (Pilots.bml and PilotInfo.BML) never works.
    Sorry to bother you. :)
  14. Do you know if it is possible to edit the moto-ranch so you can ride anywhere without being reset to the track????