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The Car, Track or just Me

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Keith_G, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Keith_G

    Premium Member

    I'll direct this question to @Peter Koch since you seem to know more about this game than anyone at RD. I have been driving R3E now and then and everything was feeling great. I have just tried the Zonda Comp without the corner markers and it went back to the terrible FFB feeling I had when first driving the game last April. Best described by me, as a little feed back when I am going straight and move the wheel slightly to either side, however when I turn a corner it is like the FFB is completely gone and I am floating. (Sorry I'm not good enough to describe it better, but it feels completely wrong)

    With the Falken Ruf at Nurburgring Comp it felt great with exactly the same Wheel and Game setup. So my real question is: Is it the car (Zonda), Track (RaceRoom Raceway), or just my setup, or does anyone else feel it like this?
    I am using a Fanatec CSW (BMW rim) and probably have a wheel set from either you or Andy with a few minor mods. Computer is pretty new with Win8, I5, 32 gig of ram, SSD, and Nvidia 780. Just have no idea of why it all of a sudden feels terrible again. I own the Zonda and most Tracks so I will try it on other tracks when I get the chance but looking to see if this is happening to anyone else before I go messing with my setups and make it worse.
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  2. Hi Keith, can you share your wheel and game FFB settings here? I'll try them with my wheel (same as yours) and let you know what I find. I wasn't happy with the FFB in R3E last time I tried playing it using the CSW.
  3. Keith_G

    Premium Member

    Thanks RaceNut. I would be happy to post the files and certainly appreciate any feedback or help. I also use the CSR elite Pedals (I think that is the correct name) and my brake seems to be almost useless with the Zonda. Not sure if there is something wrong with the pedals or settings but not sure if you can set a brake pedal range in R3E or not. I use this same setup in AC and driving the lotus T125s1 it seems perfect and I can lock up the front wheels anytime with my brake.

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  4. When it feels better next time you start it, you have a known problem.
    It's like the ffb isn't loading 100% , not often but sometimes.
    What I do when it happens is restart the game a few times.(If alt/f doesn't fix it).

    It's no big deal for now because nothing will be the same when Marko and Mark are finished.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2014
  5. Wow you drive with FFB maxed out in R3E and the Wheel ?

    Maybe thats too much for it and the effects are gone in corners.
  6. You know this or just hope it is so? I surely hope and think it will be so, but I dunno how much they will actually change so I might be in for a disappointment in the end.
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  7. I know it, nothing will stay the same. But this doesn't happens over night.
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  8. Keith_G

    Premium Member

    It seemed to work pretty well even though I have tried it with many different combinations. I normally was using these settings but will turn off FF in the wheel and lower it in the game to see if it helps but this feeling was much more like Peter described where the game just didn't load properly.
  9. Keith_G

    Premium Member

    Thanks @Peter Koch and I will give it a go to see if it loads differently tonight if I get a chance. It certainly feels like something wasn't right and that would explain it. Glad to hear that FF will change in the future since it does seem inconsistent to me. I have definitely had the experience that the competitions feel very different than driving the same car and track when loaded from the game.
  10. I tried using a couple of my wheel presets, one with zero spring & dampening, one with those set to 100%. Neither felt very communicative at all but, I have been spending most of my time in AC where I feel very connected to the track. In R3E, the wheel response and input feels very spongy or vague. I can tell when the brakes lock or the steer's lose grip but, not the grip-threshold.

    I'll have to do some more testing in different cars with different settings when I have more time but, I think the FFB needs some magic touch as it is.
  11. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes
    Premium Member

    This has been my experience as well. After a while you tend to get used to it and allow for the slower response, but I'm hoping to see it improved. It was never a problem with Race 07 for me, and I find AC much better in this regard too.
  12. It's less with the DTM experience
  13. Yeah, that may be the case now that you mention it. It's been a while and I only tried the demo but, it did feel a little better IIRC.