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The Brendon Pywell discussion

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. I don't mean to retread old ground, and I know the discussion regarding whether Brendon (Piddy) is doing the right thing or not (by saying he's too busy to keep updating and supporting BTB users and the BTB platform) is supposed to be done and dusted. But I have a question that's nagging at me: it seems on the BTB website that not only is BTB still for sale, but there is also that message saying:

    I am working on Bob's Track Builder Pro expanding the features and making the existing ones even easier to use. If you buy today consider as a pre-purchase for the new versions as they become available.

    The once-only purchase will give you all updates for free as I plan to release new features every few months.

    All of this is bound to take a while to program so incremental updates to owners is a must. I love creating BTB and am dedicated to making this the best product I can regardless of any commercial success or failure. I hope your support will allow me to spend more time developing BTB into the tool of your track making dreams!

    I know we (the established users and regulars here at RD) all generally understand his position and respect it, via discussing it with one another and seeing the last posts that he made, but isn't it a little unfair to sell something with the message that it'll be updated and supported, yet whilst in the very forums that are associated to the software in question, he's also implied he'll not support it any more?

    I, like the rest of you, would love for the next update to be released, which alas it seems it never will be, and I, like the rest of you, use BTB a hell of a lot (best and most used piece of software I've ever bought, period...it's pure genius:)), but isn't it wrong to keep selling on the basis of promised continued support?
  2. I just made my current track project with BTB's trial version. Now the trial is over and even the track being released, these projects are never finished, there is room for improvement. However, since BTB is a great software and some real devotion by Piddy has gone into a product, pirating is not an option. Still, I don't have money to throw everywhere, but I'd like to purchase the full license. What I have read, the copy protection system is pretty tough (something similar to e.g. Adobe software) and unreliable. Together with this insecure situation with software support and possible future updates, I am not sure at all should I purchase this. I also have some usability and compatibility issues with Win7, but still nothing that makes working impossible. If there is some sort of guarantee that I get the product I am purchasing and it WILL WORK, then I'd pull that 60euros somewhere. Until then, I can't update my project and it stays unfinished.

    Some sort of updates considering this issue would be nice to hear. Who knows, maybe upcoming rFactor2 (in use of this game series) makes this software obsolete anyway, hope not.
  3. Don't hold back on buying it if you really want to buy it, just get between 1-4 month long licenses. That way if something happens, you don't have to wait that long.

    On that note, make sure to export the project as .x every now and then, that way if something does happen, you can at least open the project in blender and build up models like buildings trees etc. which you can then import into btb later with xpacks.
  4. I'm just hoping they programmed RF2 to support RF1 tracks - they'd be mad not to, right!?... (I also hope Piddy can find some time for developing BTB a bit more because it's bloody good. )
  5. My advice: don't ever buy anything that's dependent on online renewal of licenses. It's unfair on the legal users and will sooner or later, inevitably, fail.

    (Sorry, but I have a completely contrary position on this. :tongue: )