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The black future of driving simulators

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by ditec890, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. The year 2012 is over and the outlook for automotive enthusiasts PC simulation can not be more black.
    Live for Speed ​​is stalled in the past. R-factor2 be beta forever. Pcars _ requires a 2000-3000 euros PC to be played successfully . RRRE Simraceway follow steps and intends to charge 5 euros per car or circuit?? GTR3 was announced creating great enthusiasm but quickly withdrawn. Today it is not make a game business as before.
    What will happen to Asseto Corsa? Will we have to toil away 1000 euros to upgrade our PC? Will we constantly pay content?
    Go back to 2005-2006.
    GT Legends by SimBin released in 2006 provides a simulation experience that has nothing to envy to the modern games mentioned above. Graphically if you play with the maximum configurations offers a quality and level of detail to the height of the above games. The AI behavior is magnificent. Much better than any of the current games in development. And what is more amazing, is not a game multicore runs into one of our 2-4-6 cores of our expensive processors. (although it is best to play by establishing affinity with all cores in task manager).
    ¿¿¿¿How is this possible!!??????
    The same can be said though that if RACE07 multicore.
    But go back even further to 2005.
    That year, Microsoft launched its Xbox 360 which essentially has not been amended to date. Let's Play Forza Motorsport 4 and will check as its graphic quality is far superior to any game currently in development on PC. Forza Motorsport 4 was released in 2011. The sound is great, the fluidity with running is incredible. The driving complajidad and quality of the simulation is the best I've ever played. Anyone who has deep probabo unaided can tell. Not to mention the amount of cars and tracks and facilities to play on line. ¿¿How is this possible with a HARDWARE 2005????!! How is it possible that a game ended in 2011 designed for a 2005 machine far exceed the expectations of the new games of 2013 ?????
    There are only two possible answers:
    1. - Microsoft programmers are geniuses and all the others are useless.
    2.-programming studies are deceiving us, forcing us to constantly upgrade our equipment with expensive components. And they are in cahoots with hardware manufacturers to sell and sell.
    We have reached the point where no one dares to throw a complete game, but has to be making money from the start of development. The hypothetical future game we are paying us today. And then have the nerve to re-sell it?
    It is making use of malicious software to promote the industry to the detriment of consumers.
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  2. magicfr


    Studio that make games ( I didn't say sim ) like Forza4 are made of several HUNDRED of programmers/designer/artists.
    Studio like Kunos don't have this power. So everything is longer/harder to do, in all terms, Buying cars licences, modelising cars/tracks, spend month to optimize code for 1 console.

    Also big video game company attract most talented coders because they have the money to do so.
    Hoppefully, there are also talented coders ( Like Stefano ) that have the courage and the will to take the niche route :) ( Yes , pure sims are a niche ).

    So big thanks / Kudos/ kisses to Kunos Simulazione and all talented people that making it :)
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  3. Massive new titles AC, Rfactor2, free to play model with Race room racing experience and Simraceway, iracing is going strong, independent developers like PiBoSo have enough interest from community to show games in beta and get funding... and these are only titles i can remember.
    This begs a question. What are you on about? Because facts don't fit with your narrative.
    If this is really black year i get chills when i think how kick ass great year would be.

    You have couple good points but my god there is so much exaggeration and sensationalism mixed with blurring facts that it's really hard for me to take your post seriously.
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  4. Yes, I acknowledge that I have exaggerated. But in order to raise some awareness about the use of negligent and malicious software to sell hardware.
    Gentlemen, this is a business, and while some think that we played, others get rich at our expense selling expensive processors and graphics cards.
    With the examples I want to say that the hardware can be exploited much better and if not done is by commercial interests.
  5. magicfr


    I want to exagerate too :)
    So you said Kunos is an evil software company at the will of hardware company?
    See, it sounds a bit silly :)
  6. Solution:

    Get the new PS4 and the new Xbox720. Be content with the games released on both systems and you never have to spend money on upgrading your pc naymore

    :D .
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  7. Of course, Kikie, but I wanted to give my opinion about the business of hard
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. ditec890, as someone who is obsessed with 3d graphics, let me explain some things.

    Games like GT5 or Forza 4 look amazing even for today's standards, not only because they have hundreds of the best programmers and artists money could buy but also because their respective consoles are dedicated gaming devices, they are specialized gaming PCs, normal desktop PCs need to run a bloated OS(windows in this case) to allow for several programs and other stuff to run together, games being an "after thought" in all that while consoles are made to play games as their priority.

    Now, about comparing old sims like GTL and Race07 with today's AC and pCARS, and saying they are on the same level, it almost feels like a bad joke to me. :cautious:

    I'd rather compare AC and pCARS with GT5 and Forza 4:

    AC and pCARs, to me, are on a superior level than both GT5 and Forza 4 today, graphically speaking, both AC and pCARS can output higher resolution shadows, reflections, blur and particles, 1080p+ screen resolution, both AC's and pCARS ingame car models are more detailed than GT5's and Forza 4's ingame car models (what you see in ALL pics from GT5 and Forza 4 are the photomode models and graphics which are way more detailed than the ingame ones, also it's almost impossible to find non edited pics of GT5, dunno about Forza), also there is the important fact that while GT5 and Forza 4 can have at most 16 cars on track, pCARS can have 64 cars on track while AC has no limit other than your hardware(as far as I know).

    And yes, today's graphics need today's hardware, I thought this one was a given.;) Granted, pCARS actually runs like ****, but that may be because of bad optimization, however AC is expected to run much better than that.

    And now a fun comparison to make things more clear::D

    Assetto Corsa (supposedly ingame at full graphics):

    Project CARS (most recent ingame pic I took, at low graphics):

    GT Legends (pic from google):

    Race07 (pic from google):
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  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You are actually saying that people that work their butts off building software and hardware as a day job are actually making money from it? The horror :devilish:
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  11. also most pics you can fínd on the fast from simbin titles... look much much better then it actually does ingame... that are very special moments and cam angels and so on...where it looks as good as on the screens... when you actually play the games it's like uhhh uhh omg I am back in 2004...

    for pcars.. well that game also looks better if it is a still image.. when you actually play it also with maxxed settings yes it looks quite good.. but no where near like when you hit the pause in the replay...

    the only game where the moving / driving movies look as good as (maybe even a bit better) then the screenshots is Assetto Corsa...

    also it's not only about graphics... yes maybe forza4 and gt5 and so look quite ok...
    the simulation behind a real sim on a PC is a bit more complex... even all the new aimings for tire modelling alone.. to that comes aero things and suspension behavior and so on and so on... even engines and all that gearbox and so on stuff gets more and more simulated...

    so no... I don't see a black future for sim games... I see the opposide.. I see a new era for sims

    "the golden era of sim racing" in the 90s was just the birth of sim racing... but they all where babys or small childs just slightly able to walk a bit...
    the new era are maybe not that much of a boom like in the 90s but they grown up... and have many more skills... like doing heavy maths while phoning with other people at the same time.. while catching balls when jumping over obstacles...

    don't know if anyone can follow and parallel that thoughts :)

    just wanted to compare it like the skills of babys to adults

    even if I don't like the strange slippery feel of Iracing and some of its strange behavior in some situations, in terms of simulated things I think it is much more complex then any console racing title... (and they have to struggle with a core engine from over 10 years ago)

    so no black future... a new golden sim era is coming
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  12. We have been stuck with pretty much only iracing (which is utter garbage, other than the tracks IMO) for the last few years and now that we have 5 or more new sims on the way you think the future is black because you might need to update some of your hardware. Not really sure if serious or just not good at trolling.
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  13. I find the OP hilarious though, you got to give him that.... Paying for products ? Heresy !
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  14. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I dont really see how you can come to that conclusion. There are several sims in development that look incredible. (Assetto Corsa, pCARS, R3E, RFactor 2, GTR3. Just to name a few). I'd hardly call that a "black outlook".

    You are kidding right? Forza 4 looks far worse than the sims that are in development. (Sure it looks good, for a console game, but it doesn't compare to AC or pCARS, not even close). I'm genuinely surprised that Xbox's haven't caught fire from trying to run half the games they do. It's such a weak system.

    Really? Forza 4 is the best simulation you've ever played? Really? You're not just playing some kind of joke right? Forza 4 is a simcade. Sure it's a little more complex than, for example, F1 2012, but Forza 4 is by no means a sim.
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  15. Tophercheese, have you played Forza Motorsport 4?
    I've played for years to LFS, RBR, GTL, GPL, RACE07 and its expansions, RF1-2, GSC, Ferrari Virtual Accademy, TC2000, ........ and I'm not ashamed to say that Forza is the that is best done.
    For the love of God! Suckers as you can be so????
    What today we are selling as new to the PC market is a road already traveled by others (Microsoft and Sony) years ago, when there was war for hegemony consoles. The console market is much bigger, more dynamic and moves far more resources than the PC market.
    Players PC driving simulators are four monkeys (among whom I include myself).
    Please, all those who have not played Forza Motorsport 4 or GT5 in depth and without aid refrain from making stupid comments like "not a simulator." The depth and complexity of the mechanical fittings of a car and all installable components and all adjustable parameters in Forza Motorsport 4 is unattainable for any PC game. Both games console to reach a level of development and unattainable for PC programming studies. Do you know how much money, real money, prizes moves championships in these games? Do you know how many hours you have to devote to adjust the mechanics of a car and be competitive in championships organized?
    I have been and am PC gamer lifetime but I am ashamed to say that consoles have made the PC obsolete as far as games are concerned. The evidence is clear, with a much more powerful hardware get worse results.
  16. You're obviously pissed you can't afford a gaming PC in my opinion, let's see....

    Here we go, in Forza:
    1. No tyre wear (Don't even argue, % goes down **** slow and it feels as grippy from the 2nd lap (tyres warmed up) than it feels when you need to pit 1h30min later for fuel)
    2: Tyre temperature does not react realistically (Drops down waaaaaaaay too quickly, so you don't have to worry about over-heating them)
    3. Fuel is the same for all cars, roughly 1h30min worth.
    4. Setups are completely silly and have completely rubbish values in them and don't react to changes realistically).
    5. PC are way more powerful than consoles.

    Good mod for rFactor (ORSM V8 Supercars for example)
    1. Realistic tyre wear, depending on driving style, overall abuse and over-heating, aswell as circuit dependant.
    2. Tyre temperature reacts very well depending on the stress applied to the tyres, fairly hard to cool down once you over-heat them, you need to take it easy for a few laps.
    3. Fuel depends on the mods, various consumptions and fuel tank capacities.
    4. Setups are very realistic, with mostly relevant values and react to changes believably.
    5. Check out Touring Pro Series . com for championships of high quality that will require you to do hundreds of laps and massive setup works to even remotely have a chance to get in the Top 10 if you have talent, aswell as having a chance to win upward of 2000$ in prize for winning the championship (And it will get higher in the future) (iRacing F1 and Nascar World Champ gets 10000$, FSR World Champ gets like 4-5000$ I think)

    So yeah, you have not the faintest idea of what you are babbling about.
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  17. So your problem is that today's games are being designed for today's hardware? Oh, how terrible. :rolleyes:

    That's the way it has been ever since programmers figured out that computers could be used to play games. It's nothing new. The only reason that Forza and GT5 are the way they are on 6-year-old hardware is because consoles have a different life cycle than PCs. The consoles are now nearing the end of their life cycles and will soon be replaced with newer, better, more powerful systems in the next couple of years - Are you going to proclaim doom and gloom when you have to pay more money for them, too?

    PC hardware (heck, computer technology in general) is ever-evolving and ever-changing. With greater capabilities comes greater cost, and you will always have to pay for that, it's the nature of the industry. I am prepared to pay for better hardware if it means I can enjoy this new generation of sims with better capabilities. If you ask me, the future of driving simulators has never been less black.
  18. LOL and ROTFL at Forza and GT5 (I have that one) being best simulators.
    Abandon thread!
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  19. Let's see, let's see,
    what I meant from the beginning is:
    How can a game as complex and complete as FM4 can run on hardware as old as fluently?
    Not that FM4 is the best, for some if not for others.
    How can a PC with hardware much more modern, much more powerful, it is hard to move with fluidity similar games? And do not say that PCARs, AC or RRRE will not have to be great games.

    The industry must consider how to relate the hardware with software in the PC, and as it does on consoles.

    Clearly, something is wrong. Or some do very poorly, or the others do very well.
  20. Forza is not better than most of the new PC games in terms of graphics,it is also not better than GT5.

    You forget that console exclusive games are tailor cut for a single machine,that makes them use every last bit of processing power.
    Also forza isn't very cool as a sim, yes?

    IT is also not a secret that hardware and sofware evolve together
    so you have to update both periodically to keep the market alive

    It is not always intentional,but it happens.