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The best VIEW!! inside, on top or under the car????

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by angelooliveira, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. I love the inside view to drive, but is a little harder to turn (I lose the best point to turn).

    For me the best view to drive is over the hood, you have a perfect position on the track!!!
  2. What about adjusting your FOV instead ?

    Every video I see the driver's view is all streched up...
  3. Supposed to be like this. I know it is hard to see the corner...but if you want a real simulation, it has to be like this. Play over the hood its totality arcade. Drive inside the car, sitting on cockpit, you get used to if you know the track well.
  4. Cockpit view all the way..those side mirrors are completely useless thought, i cant see a thing on them...the best way to drive is with a high FOV and taking the main rear view mirror as a reference to the cars behind.
  5. Read more topics here m8. That was already solved, go to GSC/USERDATA/YOUR PROFILE NAME/YOUR NAME.PLR
    [ Graphic Options ]
    Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="0" -----> change to "1"

  6. High FOV without triple-screen = Awful and disgusting
  7. "HIGH FOV"
    Sorry my dumb question, but what you all mean with this? What is FOV?

  8. x2

    This shows how hard to drive is a race car, especially in categories like DTM, NASCAR, StockCar...
    Particularly I think cockpit much more challenging, takes time to get used, but is much more realistic! Besides make your skills better, in every single race...
  9. I'm not sure how "realistic" restricting yourself to a limited FOV can be when real race drivers can turn their head to see a corner... unless you have triple screens or head-tracking or something, go with whatever lets you see the track the best and ignore those whining about "realism".
  10. For your information, a FOV of 35 is good enough with a 19 inches monitor...

    It doesn't only fix the distortion issue with the environnement, it also gives you more control of the car ;)

    Oh, and the corners are actually corners and hills are actuallly hills :)