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The Best Cars You Have Driven??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wondering what are the best cars people have driven in their career modes?

    In my honest opinion the best season i had was with Force India the car felt superb and i really liked it kind of made me annoyed as i took up a new contract with Ferrari and bar straight line speed i liked the Force India car more so much so that i am thinking of starting my career again as so i dont join Ferrari.

    As much as i like the car in real life its not my thing in the game and i also want to try a new starting car on 7 season mode maybe Virgin as i started with Lotus in this game.

    So just wondering what peoples favourite cars were to drive and reasons for liking the car etc

    Cheers And Peace

  2. Hi AL
    Had my first season with Force India but the game locked on save mid way through Hungary. Started again with Williams. I think that the Force India was better in slower corners and on slower tracks and the Williams more stable in faster ones... but that could just be me getting used to the game! Somer lap times quoted here seem like light years away for me...
  3. I'm in my 4th season and driving Mclaren,personaly the best car in the game. I drove Sauber/Renault/RedBull in my past seasons.
    Mclaren got perfect handling,stability and great speed.
    Now I need to beat Alonso to get contract with Ferrari for next season,and then I will get the whole picture. But as I can read here,Ferrari isn't that great in this game ,just need to wait and see it by myself.

    Btw,I got lock up during my second season with Reanult,was desperate,but thanks to this forum I find solution. Just go to unninstal,and instead of unninstaling the game,choose repair. After that game works ok again :)
  4. I've only tried Lotus and the Red Bull Ferrari. I would rather drive for Lotus but I can't see the mirrors very well in that car and in the RB Ferrari I can see all of the mirrors. I need to mod the Lotus so I can get wider FoV so I ca see all of the mirrors.
  5. @ better than you the Ferrari is good but its not as good as i would have hoped it to be its twitchy in corners and if you have TCS off it is a beast to feather the throttle on a gamepad i play on the 360 with the controller and it is like wrestling a bull trying to keep it in a straight line out of corners but it is a rather good car if you can tame it and get a good rythm going but if not its wild
  6. Mercedes and Mclaren for handle, for speed Ferrari, RB and again Mclaren, the Ferrari is idd havy on handle
  7. cool nice one guys but 222 views and 5 replies come on share your views :)
  8. Hi, well i was in Lotus, Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari and now back to Mclaren in my 5th season, personally Mclaren 'cause i use cockpit cam and McLaren is easier to drive with that cam, on other hand Ferrari have the best sound and as more u drive him more u like it, but again personally Mclaren ( im not fan of any team )
    P.S sorry for my English,cheers
  9. Renalut I just like to drive that car cant really say if it has anything to do with the sound or view I just seem to get a better time in a renault It is more than likely a plasibo effect
  10. For me the best car is Force India :D really love the speed and handling. Great car
  11. I am taking it slow and still in the Lotus.. didn't think I had much to share! lol
  12. lol no probs a reply is a reply :)
  13. Personally, I feel McLaren have the best car. Very stable and good in corners. Though in straight line, I don't feel it being a lot different than cars like Ferrari.
  14. The McClaren car is very well engineered but i like the Red Bull car also it is a very good car aswell
  15. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    This is weird because the cars are allegedly equal, but I find the Mercedes a dream to drive in online races with random car assignment. It seems so smooth. Placebo i reckon.
  16. Mercedes is a nice car too i like it i have used it a couple of times also the Renault is a great car to drive probably why McClaren and Red Bull are so good as they have Mercedes and Renault engines
  17. The Renault is good fun to drive; it's got a fast engine, has balanced handling and has great braking. Plus the yellow and black... Joint second place goes to the Force India and BMW Sauber; both are light, have a perfect amount of oversteer which feels smooth and not at all twitchy.
  18. Ha i like those cars too i have a very open mind about this game and its cars I drove for Force India and it is a great car dont know too much about Sauber but would like to drive with them at some stage i might aswell mention the cars i dont like HRT, Torro Rosso, Lotus (even though i drove with them) and williams everyone else is ok in my books :)
  19. I love Force India for good drive through corners and for looks. dont know why but force india markings are great
  20. For starting i would preffer Force India and Williams