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The Alternative Formula One Calendar

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Bram, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Seeing the same boring track names on the calendar again it makes me wonder what other tracks would you like to see having an F1 event.

    Please motivate your answer how you came to your selection.

    - Which tracks should be removed?
    - Which tracks should be added?

    The current calendar for 2013
    Albert Park, Australia
    Sepang, Malaysia
    Shanghai, China
    Sakhir International, Bahrain
    Barcelona, Spain
    Monte Carlo, Monaco
    Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Canada
    Silverstone, Great Britain
    TBA, Germany
    Hungaroring, Hungary
    Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
    Monza, Italy
    Marina Bay, Singapore
    Yeongam, Korea
    Suzuka, Japan
    Buddh International, India
    Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi
    Circuit of the Americas, United States
    Interlagos, Brazil
  2. Kyalami, South Africa
    Interlagos, Brazil
    Sepang, Malaysia
    Fuji, Japan
    Aragon, Spain
    Mugello, Italy
    Monte Carlo, Monaco
    Gilles Villeneuve, Canada
    Silverstone (pre-2010 edition), Great Britain
    Hockenheim (pre-2002 edition), Germany
    Spa, Belgium
    Monza, Italy
    Suzuka, Japan
    Buddh, India
    Austin, USA
    Adelaide, Australia

    Free testing returns
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  3. yup same old same old every year. the order the races are in is exactly the same as last year too (with the exception of the races that have been dropped of course)! they could at least mix it up a bit and put some of the races in a different order. i know there are logistics and stuff like that that need to be taken into account, but i'm sure they could work something out!
  4. Manolis Sigoulakis, i highly doubt Kyalami would make a return, i don't think it's up to current F1 standards and i think it would cost too much to get it up to standard.

    there has been talk recently of holding a street race in Cape Town, South Africa. last i heard they want part of the track to go through the Cape Town Football/Soccer stadium that was built for the World Cup and is currently sitting completely unused except for the odd international music concert :roflmao:

    here are two different proposed track maps for the Cape Town grand prix:


  5. It's-too-damn-expensive-to-host-f1-race party ;)
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  6. These are non-negotiatable:
    Monte Carlo, Monaco
    Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Canada
    Silverstone, Great Britain
    Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
    Monza, Italy
    Marina Bay, Singapore
    Interlagos, Brazil
    Edit: Forgot Suzuka >.<

    Then, additionally:
    Adelaide can rotate with Melbourne (both are nice tracks and we can't leave the Aussies without a race).
    A1 Ring Red Bull Ring
    Watkin's Glen
    Imola (with some small alterations to make overtaking possible)
    Estoril (just a better version of Catalunya :p)
    Kyalami (the old version please)
    Circuit of the Americas (was a nice race, so why not keep it)
    I am torn between Hockenheim and Nürburgring for the German Grand Prix. The Nürburgring has a nicer layout but I live only 20km away from the Hockenheimring :/

    Then we've got three more slots, so they can alternate between the following, kinda nice, but not that overwhelmingly great tracks:
    Sepang, Malaysia
    Shanghai, China
    Hungaroring, Hungary
    Buddh International, India
    Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi
    Magny Cours
    Brand's Hatch
    Yeongam, Korea (nice track, it's unfortunate that Red Bull is so good at it)

    I'm not going to go into the specifics of the order, because the European races need to be together, flyaway races should be close etc. and because of that, there is not much wiggle room anyway.
  7. Nordschleife
    SPA Franchorchamps
    Potrero de los Funes
    Tsukuba - for the fun of seeing F1 cars on that small track
    Long Beach
    Buddh International Circuit
    Oulton Park
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  8. yea gotta do it twice :)
    Season starter and season finale :)
  9. Would obviously be awesome to run Nordschleife, but are modern F1 cars even able to drive on that track with all the bumps and jumps etc.? I know Singapore is bumpy too, but I think Nordschleife is a whole different level. I could imagine it might be a problem with the hard springs and high rake of today's cars...
  10. Tsukuba without blue flags... ;) Nurds is perfectly suitable for F1. You just can't open the throttle, ie need to take it easy.. Something that modern F1 is shy of.. They want to be able to put pedal to metal everywhere, if they can't: boom: it's unsafe..
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  11. yea my idea would be for teams to have Nords-cars.

    Current rideheights they say can´t cope with it but i think there are ways around it.
  12. That is something that is going to change someday, i think.. There is such a limits to trackdesign now due to those vehicles not being able to cope with anything but clear weather and perfectly smooth tracks. And when they've had about 15 years of those conditions, the car design is really on it's limits. 10cm minimum ground clearance would sort a lot of issues and give variance to tracks... Can't remember now but was it suppose to be 6cm now. Anyway the center of gravity is sooo low that anything but smooth, dry tarmac is out of question.. Again resulting to them getting most corners with full throttle. But that's off topic, continue with the original programming.
  13. Nordschleife
    Bristol Motor Speedway
    Circuit de la Sarthe
    Symmons Plains

    Why this calender? Because why not.
  14. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Although it was just a demo/test BMW tried it successfully and it looks sexy

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  15. Yea looks awesome, but a re-pave would be ideal.

    Would love to see F1 go back there. Amazing place. Would really put the danger back in F1.

    Quick info from Wiki regarding the runs,

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  16. These two would certainly make for some interesting racing.
  17. Ok, So really, You need to go to all the continents, Antarctica is probably too much of a stretch so we'll ignore that, Even though it'll still get a bigger crowd than Bahrain. You need to cater for the fanbase, Which the majority is in Europe, So the most races go there. And you need to go to the biggest populations available, So the US and China are in.
    The marquee events are requisite, No matter how crap the racing, Plus the current idea of building tracks for cars is completely wrong, It should be the other way round, Forcing teams and drivers to use the ability and skill to get the best suited car for that track on that day.
    Taking all this into consideration, Let's go with, in no particular order:
    Australia: Bathurst or Phillip Island
    USA: Laguna Seca/Road America
    Monaco: err, Monaco?
    Singapore: Marina Bay (I believe, At this point, This is a marquee event that F1 can't afford to lose)
    China: Shanghai most likely, But they can quickly whip up a new circuit if they wanted to
    Brazil: Interlagos
    Argentina: Potrero de los Funes
    Japan: Suzuka
    Canada: Either Montreal or MoSport
    Belgium: Spa
    Germany: This would be Hockenheim but they buggered it up, So Nordschleife
    UK: Either Brands Hatch or Cadwell Park
    France: Charade
    Spain: I'm actually tempted to say Aragon, So I will
    Czech Republic: Brno deserves a race in my opinion
    Africa: This is tricky, as I don't believe any track in Africa really would be good for a race, So let's go with the easy answer of Kyalami
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  18. Good list that,

    And you definitely need one in India, so you'd probably add Buddh.

    99.9% of Africa unfortunately do not care about F1, and the 0.1% that do care are in South Africa - where the government currently has more 'important' projects, like building a $30 million bunker for the president to hide from when 'terrorists' strike.

    So, forget Africa. We don't deserve it.

    Tiens Van Zyl will know what I mean ;)
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