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the AI does not make pitstops

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nick Deeley, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. more of a letting off steam post than anything else...but still..

    Running 3rd at Barcelona. Pitted at the end of lap 3. Got the pitstop bug - hamilton changed his front wing, i only changed tyres, yet he jumped me in the pits (?!?!).

    Came out behind my teammate (alonso), we're running 10th and 11th. I spin, and drop back to 22nd, as from 12th to 21st are pretty much nose to tail, all behind me. I end up 20th. Only me, hamilton, alonso, and maybe 4 or 5 others pitted, out of a field of 24.

    Thats ridiculous. Really ruined the race that did.
  2. its a known issue that some drivers dont pit. not sure if CM has acknowledged it. not sure how often it happens or anything. Just one of those things :-/
  3. Ah this got me yesterday in my career race at Sepang. I was moving quite well in 16th and then it started to rain, I carefully picked my time to pit for Inters and noticed only 3 other cars pitted for tyres. Somehow the rest of the field continued lapping at full pace in the wet and started lapping me. What a pain. I went back to 23rd position, so I quit. Might just drop the AI difficulty down a bit for this race.
  4. I think i read somewhere that CM are aware of this and are looking into putting it into a patch. So hopefully they will fix it.
  5. i havent seen this happen on my game yet but i will look out more carefully now to see if it has been happening and i just didnt notice it
  6. I've had this happen a few times, not always though, or often. The more annoying thing in the pits is if you pit at the same time frame as another car, you get held up.

    I was about 5-10 seconds ahead of hamilton at singapore when i went in to pit, he happened to also pit on that lap, my garage is at the end of the pit lane, the mclaren is at the start. he managed to pit, get new tyres and then pass me in the pits as my crew held me in my spot until he had passed. Losing a spot in the pits when you enter 5-10seconds before the 2nd car is just insane, who woulda thought a game could cheat.
  7. who ever thought a game would want to cheat thats happened to me on more than one occassion its niot a nice feeling sitting there waiting to get back on the track
  8. What race length are you running? I am just curious because I have only done 100% races and the AI always pits, so I was just wondering if it was something that only effects races shorter then full.
  9. 50% races mostly for me, 100% is too long, i want to be out of that lotus sooner rather than later ^^.
  10. so does trulli.... unfortunatly he has real life to contend with...lol
  11. Thankfully i dont, nor do i have the time to blast out full 100% length races. Trulli doesnt have to contend with real life crashing after he finishes suzuka whilst claiming the world championship, only to find he has to do it all over again. Suzuka i mean, not the whole championship ^^.

    trulli also doesnt have to put up with a pit crew that holds him in the pits so that other cars can pass him, he also doesnt have to put up with other cars on the track deciding they dont feel like pitstopping, or he doesnt have to put up with the amazing feat of the cars finishing the first lap of a race faster than the leader!

    Tho he does have to put up with being in a fairly crap car, at the end of his career, without many prospects for other teams to want to pick him up, despite the fact that his performance is down to his slow car, though it does not go without saying, he is not as fast nor as skilled as some of the younger drivers who do deserve their cars. same goes for mr schumacher, he aint got it anymore, you can put him in a red bull and he will be fast, but vettel will still be faster.

    Id like to see what bruno and karun can do in a decent car, as theirs (not in F1 2010 the game, but in real life) is by far the worst, not a single upgrade since the season start, and it was terrible to begin with.
  12. Lol!
    I got to meet Jarno when he drove the north american championship in karts many years ago, it pains me to see him in the lotus but maybe they will improve with renault power.

    I also agree that he doesn't have to put up with the crew holding him forever, safety is one thing but come on your costing me postions!
  13. I run 20% races. I dont have the patience or time to run anything much longer.

  14. yeah i run 20% races aswell 100% is just to long and too much effort ha
  15. I am not seeing this issue in my game everyone is pitting on one lap or another
  16. Codemasters are aware of the issue and hope to address it in the patch however there are a lot of other issues they're looking at.

    The issue seems to occur most often when you pit on your designate pit lap eg: when called in by your engineer, sometimes you can avoid this issue by pitting a lap early or late. Also not all drivers will pit when you do, it is determined by what tyres they're on.

    I do understand the frustration however as I keep trying to finish in the top 5 in malasyia I get up there and no matter when I pit I always get held up, not as badly as when I pit on my designated pitlap but still held up.