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The absolute basics needed

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Mattlikespeoples, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Ok, I've downloaded the demo and all I want to do (right now) is make a top speed track that's either one straight line or a big rectangle. I figured out how to export my track to rFactor without getting any errors but it doesn't show up in any folder. I dont need anything fancy, just a long and straight track and i thought I had gotten that. The help section is of very little help, actually, and looking around and researching has yeilded little to nothing. Bob (assuming that's his real name) just goes way too fast and doesnt explain what he's doing when even making the most basic of tracks.

    TL;DR- thought I finished my track and it exports into rfactor with no errors but doesn't show up in game or in the directory. HELP!
  2. hi, ensure that you re exporting to the right directory, search for it, cause it is there, by default it is exported inside a "bobstrackbuider" folder, i remember.

  3. Also.....
    export your track names & location as the same name as what you saved it in btb.
  4. thanks guys, I managed to figure that out and felt quite dumb afterwards :embarrassed: