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Thanks to Reiza for the pad control capability!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by SCE_SR, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Hi Reiza,

    i just would like to say: thx for the great pad support in this game, especially my Run'n'Drive works absolutely perfekt. And the best thing, i have a good performance against wheeldriver. Thats very nice to see.

    I also drive Raceroom, nice visuals, but the pad support in that game is far behind stockcar.

    Thx Reiza. :thumbsup:

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  2. What's "Run n Drive"?
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  4. Its much much better. U can drive a clean ideal line and u have analog shoulder buttons, not digital, it can be metered. For breaking i use the left middle finger (shoulder button) and then i have 2 free fingers for steering, index finger and thumb, u can perfect control the steering precision. The little wheel has 22 digital steps for steering, 11 for left, 11 for right, sounds not much, but its enough, u will see.

    Try it. But not the upper link, try this, i have it too, better quality, i think:

    I use this ingame settings:
    speed sensibility (reduction) - 96%
    steering wheel range - 270┬░
    steering sensibility / S0 axis - 31%
    neutrale zone / S0 axis - 2%

    car setup steering range - 32 (other cars with less than this set to max as possible)

    I have a little V12 replay on Barber Motorsport Park (Patricks map). Not a a perfect lap, but i hope u can see whats going on with this pad. TC is on.

    Must copy in this folder (win7 tree):
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stock Car Extreme\ReplayFridge\REPLAYS\

    Link: http://goo.gl/QtUchm
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  5. If you don't want to risk going for that you can also try JD Simwheel for Android, I used it for a while back in GTR2 and did a few tests in SCE, it worked well. Didn't drive more in SCE with it because I got a DFGT.
    I teach how to configure here http://gtr2-endurance.forumotion.org/t2331-using-your-cellphone-as-a-wheel

    The shaking does not affect the driving, if I remember right it happens due to cellphone, newer ones will shake less I think.
    This app was terminated by the developer but you should be able to find the APK file and PC server installer hosted on other sites since I think it was removed from Google Play. You need to pay attention to the correct version of Vjoy to get it working.
  6. Also not bad, but for me its a big amount of lag in some videos.., very slow reaction.
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