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Thanks Reiza for best Racing Sim!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Keith Windsor, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. I've really got into this sim now, have been editing the Formula Classic fiels for a while, painting 1985 skins and helmets, and editing the performance and reliability of the drivers and cars (available when finished if anyone is interested), and I must thank everyone at Reiza for this sim. I have played everything from Papyrus's Indy 500, Indycar 1 & 2, Nascar Racing 1,2, 3, Geoff Crammond series, and many many more, yes I am a sad motor sim anorak; but finally a sim has arrived to take TOP SPOT from Mr Crammond! What a great game, thanks Reiza. I thought rFactor 2 would kill it immediately, but in truth it will be a while before rF2 gets up and running and takes top spot (which is highly likely in all honesty), but in the meantime, GSC holds the crown, and this may go on for the next year IMHO. So, any plans for any more circuits? It would add life and longevity to this superb sim! :) In any case thank you Reiza, this is really the best offline racing there is at the moment!
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  2. I also want to congratulate you for this great work, is the best I have tasted, and I have all the simulators there so far.
    Sorry for my English.
  3. IMO, the car needs more cars, say a C6R with 600 horses...or a clone of it.
  4. Yes guys...
    A GT car and some tracks. That is necessary for the lifetime of the game.
    Everybody is waiting for this, as said before.
    Hope it will come but, for sure, the best sim is this one!
  5. as Keith expressed so well and I am in the same age group I guess: I am a sad motor sim anorak too ; )
    and after all those years ... I finally found the best Sim to race too!
    especially to drive the Formula Classic is simply a blast!!!
    and here my suggestion and hope for more tracks that suit that beast and to attract more SimRacers!

    I am a little worried though ... more&more servers to race online disappear ...
    so lets get active folks and publish GSC in online-forums all over and to get friends to play it.
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  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    You guys are requesting cars that aren't even in the brazilian series this game is based on :)
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  7. An interesting series would be the new TC2000. Front wheel drive, but using 2.7L V8s from Radical. But I think the series is in Argentina not Brazil.
  8. I agree about the cars ... and GSC offers with its 4 different cars already enough choices for having fun!
    I don't agree with the brazilian based ... F3, F1 classic nor the F1 modern races are limited brazilian wise ....
    thats why I would like to see more tracks ;)
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Thats true, but if they would add new real life tracks licenses need to be bought. Also we don't know what deals have been made with the real life series. I can imagine that the Stock Car V8 organization wouldnt be very happy if competing series are added.
  10. F1 classic is not in too ;-)
  11. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    We added the formula cars as it was something we had already developed for other purposes, and felt it was important to complement GSC with some variety. I understand that other classes of cars and more tracks would naturally make the Game even better, but we do have limitations (technical, financial and licencing related) that prevents us from going much further with GSC in terms of cars.

    In fact we did suggest the Formula 3 was going to be the last DLC package we would release for GSC, but we are pushing for a way to rectify that and give all the fortunate GSC owners even more value for their money :)

    Do keep expectations in check though, the game is about the brazilian Stock Car series. We´ve added in a fair share of unrelated content to it already, if anything else gets added to it it will be related to that original core.
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  12. about the tracks: to avoid licensing, the tracks could be fictional brazilian like Floripa.
    I am just insisting a bit here, because most of the actual tracks suit the V8, but not really the F1 cars.
    and this would be very convincing for new players to have more tracks available in the game.
    anyway ... HUGE thanks Reiza! this Sim Is the BEST out there!
  13. Thanks reiza! Very good game!
  14. With one track per 6 days, Alex can do 68 tracks per year.:D
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  15. Montana Cup and some other Brasilian tracks would be awesome
  16. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    And feel rather suicidal :p
  17. Montana Cup and some other Brazilian tracks would be awesome

    Fantastic Montana Were Added to the GSC
  18. You are right. 30 would be enough :p.
  19. I would like to give some suggestions for Reiza, about mods:
    - 2011 e 2012 Stock Car
    - Trofeo Linea
    - Mini Challenge
    This two lasts could use the original tracks, and the majority of Trofeo Linea Drivers are Stock drivers too.
    And, of course, i would like to give congratulations to Reiza, this game is amazing.
  20. Licenses cost money I think.