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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Dec 24, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    just want to thanks all the effort and help we have received from all the teams during the season, since the first day of the year, going through the Blue Cup "nightmare", till today after what I would call, the best STC season since now. It is thanks to the teams and only because of that STC is now on the standards it is, as we in the staff have the feeling you are close to a profesional level in what comes to fairness, driving skills, organization, etc. and we need to push a lot to reach that standards. So Teams and staff, makes the real TEAM, and if we finally get the SIM RACING SERIES OF THE YEAR award, you should consider your team and every team member as winners of the prize aswell.


    So thanks all for your support, from the tittle contenders Roaring Pipes Maniacs to Gameracer Flat Out Racing (both deserved the final win) to the last teams on the standings, as being there and fight for the last spots shows a big enthusiasm and esportive spirit. Also a special mention to the teams who joined the series this season and helped aswell to imrpove the overall feeling of being in one of the best championships out there. THere is a lot of stuff moving all around on the teams web sites, on the STC forums and site... it is a lot of hours dedicated to one AIM, and it is fantastic.

    As only point to improve for next season I really would like to have all the teams showing up in all the races, so maybe it is a good idea to start looking for new drivers for next season. :)

    Soon we will set a deadline to you to confirm your team will stay in STC for next seasons, as other teams are in the waiting list to join, but my real wish is to see all the teams staying next seasons. We could not have better news than that, and we really hope so.

    As informative point related to licenses, I want to announce that we are working hard to change to rF2 as soon as it is available, but we can´t grant it will be there before next season starts... we will keep you updated about that and some more news.

    To end, I would like to thanks personally to my collegues at the staff who managed to make it like it is now. Eckhart, Xosé, Andreas and all the guys who helped us out any time, as Mikael, Vicent, Krister, Dragos, etc.. Forgive me if I forget a name. And of course all the modding guys who placed the STC tracks and MOD so high, including all the beta testers of the Blue and Black cup MOD, as Gregory Degreef, Andreas Löffler, etc. Tracks, Cars, Tires... all in all, a blast.

    So, I wish you have a Happy Xmas and a very good 2011 for you and your families.

  2. :thumbup:
  3. great big thx goes back to David and Xose, the guys who make it all happen! take a well deserved break and then: let's have another one!
  4. Big thx to David, Xose, Eckhart and all of you guys ho make this leag possible

  5. thank you all guys
  6. yessir!!!! poll is closed and it looks like we are the winners of the "simracing series of the year" award, yippieeee!!!
  7. Thank you guys and congratulations to all for the fantastic season.

    Merry Christmas!!!!
  8. Thank you very much and merry christmas!

    See you next season !
  9. Nice to see STC as winner of the best league :D
  10. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Happy Hollydays to ALL!!!
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