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Thank God No TCS Is Done

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Finally after around 12 hours of practicing i have finally got the hang of driving with no TCS i always used to drive with no ABS but the traction was getting me everytime.

    After laps and laps of crying and feeling suicidal i finally have it nailed down now its time to race properly the heartache of using a controller and trying to get the hang of TCS off was heartbreaking to say the least but im proud to say i have finally done it.

    So bring on my career mode on expert again with all aids off next all i need to learn is manual gears which is never going to happen and then there will be more tears shed.

    Anyway back to the long grind that is practice lol
  2. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    I started with no tcs or abs, as it would be something else to try to wean myself off. After season 3 I'll be adding tyre sim, season 4 manual gears, and season 5 expert difficulty.
  3. i wanna try have learned them all before i go back to my career mode only in season three
  4. C'mon Anthony if you can do No TCS you can certainly learn manual gears. I'm sure you've driven enough laps to be able to hear when to shift. Luckly, or unluckly it's impossible to worry about shift points in this game right now since we have no idea where the power band is. So it's pretty much don't red line it and happy driving... If any one knows something different than what I just said...please speak up because wondering where the best place to shift has begun to start bothering me when I play. Makes me wonder if I'm losing time missing shift points
  5. so how much time did you gain by going no TCS ?
  6. @ iF1Nut I have a fair idea its just all the movement of my fingers across the stupid xbox controller if i had a wheel i would be much happier lol

    @ DUIdriver not a whole lot at the moment and im still abit tentitive about putting down power too early in the corners as i will spin out but only about half a sec to a sec on my best times so far but you can defo put more power down on the track with it off but get bogged down with power in the gears on auto which is wny im trying to learn manual as we speak
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Congrats A.L. :thumb:
  8. cheers i have an awful headache from doing it but its worth it :)
  9. BTW, i signed up for the license, and would like to join online practice sessions, not sure what time zone you guys are on. Im in CST USA time.
  10. ill check it out and let you know yeah
  11. I learned this skill on Rfactor, started using driving aids with the Rtrainer car, then moved to formula 3, and then formula ISI (F1). Each time turning off the aids for some practice, but putting them back on so i didnt get too frustrated in the races. Then i moved to playing Fsone2009 and reduced the aids more, again trying some practice without any.

    Then went back to Rtrainer, no aids at all, worked up to F3 (a big jump) and learned to drive those without any aids, and it wasnt easy, before moving to Formula ISI again (Driving the Bmw Sauber 2007 F1 car) again with no aids. Then moved back to FsOne 2009 with no aids, along with Series Internationale Du Mans, and a few others that i was previously unable to drive without aids. Later i got Ferrari Virtual academy, which while it was very hard on brakes and understeer felt very easy for me to drive fast (i was at massa's time within a few days of on and off playing)

    Somehow this transition period was really important, and what seemed like an impossibility at the start had turned into something that wasn't easy, but did feel quite natural, and very doable. Throttle and brake control were the things that i had developed most of all, something that take a lot of precision.

    Anyway, come F1 2010 (a game not made for the hardcore sim racer) i was instantly able to drive without any aid's, and to be honest found it quite easy, though i had a lot of learning to do to get dialed into the driving style and the way the game feels, the grip and the brakes, getting up to speed took its time (and i'm still not as fast as some), but i was able to jump in the deep end with expert/legendary modes.

    I can understand that a player who hasn't had the experience that some have had, will find it hard to understand how others can drive without aids at maximum difficulty, but if you give it time, patience and you persist, pretty much anyone can get there and it will feel natural. Games/Sims are completely different to real life driving/racing in many aspects, and it can take time to get around that lack of physical sensation.

    Edit : To Anthony - I cant show with enough enthusiasm how much enjoyment and speed that driving with a wheel brought to my gameplay, i played gran turismo 4 (and a little GTR2) for years with a gamepad, and while it was awesome and i became quite proficient at it, the experience and the speed at which you can develop driving skill with a wheel is quite overwhelming. I recently broke my wheel and i feel lost without it while waiting for a new one, i haven't been able to play any racing games because of it, i cant go back to a gamepad now.
  12. Well done Anthony!
    Its much better without the aids on huh?
    Its a long hard road but one you will never have to tread again.
    Turn em off, always.
    Now get a wheel mate and your there.
    Nice One!
  13. Driving with aids off is so much better in general, much more of a sense of achievment finishing a race knowing that you have kept the car on the straight and narrow due to your own skill. I love feathering the throttle out of corners now (something i wasnt to good at when i first bought the game.

    I would say though (only my personal opinion) that its no quicker driving without aids. I think on a quali lap theres not going to be much in it but over a race distance i say having TCS on will make you quicker as you can be fast and scruffy with TCS on and get away with it. With no TCS you cant be scruffy as you will end up facing the wrong way so i think ultimately you have to drive a tad more conservatively.
  14. Similar to Bigbazz, I learnt on rFactor by working my way up from rTrainer to the BMW F1 cars. Based on this I jumped straight in to F1 without any aids and legendary difficulty.

    Congrats Anthony on not using TCS!! As said, manual gears becomes natural after a while so just try without it and keep persevering! Learning manual gears is easier than not using TCS
  15. Cheers for the support and input guys was trying all day today even signed off xbox live for privacy and i am getting the hang of it i so wish i had a steering wheel because when i do get one i will have to get used to that then but im nearly there with manual i want to get the hang of it before my next race event id say i will though
  16. Goof effort Anthony... no easy feat I can say. I've nowhere near yet mastered that art and I can deffo see how it was a controller throwing suicidal experience.
    I'll try it eventually but I better master the other basics first.
    Just wondering though, on average, how much faster are you due to driving without TC? I should hope a decent amount, otherwise it's hard to see the incentive really.
    Shame we'll never race, being on different consoles.
    Keep it up!
  17. It really depends on how hard you push i gained two seconds on bahrain the other day but i know i could push for more with a few better corners and carrying more speed out of them but its a rewarding feeling like the guys said it makes you feel you really good to win a race with al assists off its cool and much more realistic
  18. Nice work - 2 seconds is huge. You said realistic though, but they have TC in the cars these days. Not ABS though. I think I might have a go at it today
  19. ah well yeah true but adds a new perspective rather than putting the boot down out of every corner its more about car control you know its rewarding lol
  20. How do you turn it off in game? Or is it a mod?