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TH8A shifter not recognized

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by race_fanatic_, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. race_fanatic_

    If you want to win, hire a...

    Got my th8a shifter home yesterday. I started with just pluging it in and then start a game. It was not possible to map the shifter. I then started looking in the included user manual and have followed all steps. I also downloaded driver/firmware from their website. The main problem seems to be that the pc doesn't recognize the shifter at all. (worth noting I've plugged in the shifter via usb as you should and then also tried via my t300). For starters the pc doesn't make a noise when I plug the shifter in. The pc doesn't recognize the shifter in its control panel either. After downloading the shifter's control panel I see that the shifter isn't noticed there either.

    Just to make sure I've tried connecting the shifter to another pc and also into my ps3.

    For me it feels like it's pretty obvious the shifter is not working and I need a replacement. I contacted Tm support yesterday so will hopefully get an answer soon.

    Anyone else got any tip?
  2. No tips here... Assuming you plugged the USB cable into the shifter properly then it should work fine if you install the driver and plug in the shifter during installation as stated in the instructions.

    Also on the PS3 (for example GT6) it should work straight away, no special steps needed.
  3. race_fanatic_

    If you want to win, hire a...

    Yeah, done everything properly. I knew that it would be easy plug and play in gt6 so that's exactly what I tried.
  4. RaceWasGood


    Did you get this sorted? I had the same problem with my new TH8A some weeks ago. The PC didn't recognize it until i unplugged/replugged the usb-cable at the shifter end (din-plug or whatever it's called).
  5. Gerben Kelly

    Gerben Kelly