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Textures problem with smes pack

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Arno101, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Excuse my english, i'm french and i don't practice english since... longtime:messed:

    So, i've got a problem with textures of SMES pack;they are good in BTB , i've 3d on RBR but Textures are black!
    What can i do to have Texture like BTB in RBR?

  2. Saving texture from Chroma to Alpha may help if they are using chroma.
  3. Ok,thank you very much, but i don't know how to save texture from chroma to alpha.Can i do this in BTB? or i must use another program?
  4. Photoshop with nvidia plugin. There are other programs like Gimp
  5. Gimp I have it, but my graphical card is an ATI, maybe it's the problem...
    Thank you
  6. Just had a look at the Smes XPack and did'nt see any Alpha channel assigned to texture in Xpacker.
    Open Smes XPack with xpacker and just set transparency to alpha were its needed. No need to use photoshop or Gimp as textures are using Alpha already.
    This XPack is quite the mess and not finished
  7. Make sure you have the latest plugins installed from the BTB support folder into RBR.
  8. It's easy to do finaly; thank you for your help:peace:
  9. is there a problem with this xpack, i'm getting 1.78mb when it reads 11.7mb on download page?
  10. I got all of 11,7MB. Try to download again