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Textures messed up after export to rFactor

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Danijel Balaban, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Hy all!
    Well i resolved so many problems in BTB but this one i just dont know what to do...
    I placed objects on the track(grass,trees etc.) and exported.Everything worked just fine!I also placed LOD to 400 on terrain and all objects.(Fog on the track so no need to see to far...)
    Today i placed couple more objects and when i wanted to test the track(Killklimb)all textures except road and terrain gone wild!!! Texture_problems.jpg
    Anyone had similar problems?I want to release this track soon,but i wont if i keep to delete my projects from BTB and start all over again every time:/
  2. Just cant figure out what happened :C I tried to change to recieve light,not to recieve light,changed LOD to 1000,than to 2000,than i checked if all textures are chroma and they are...wtf to do??lol
    I usualy fix all my problems,but this is just insane!
  3. anyone?Still didnt fix that :( Atleast 5 hours of work gone...
  4. ok...deleting ALL objects and working AGAIN...LOL,i will cry now!
  5. Looks like your Alpha channel needs adjusting in your paint program.
    Go into your paint program & make sure your Alpha channel has only 0% & 100% (ie: black & white. no greys)
    If your alpha channel has a 95% tone, Chroma will see it as zero where Alpha will see it as 95%.
    If you change them from Chroma to Alpha the bushes will probably look ok but will be resource hungry.

    Also the bush that has the white halo, change the background of your image to a similar colour to the bush.
    That way when the mask bleeds out a bit you will get some colour rather than white.
    For the horizontal line over your bushes you need to black out a couple of pixels at the bottom of your alpha channel.
  6. ebrich


    Question to Eric Tozer or anybody with more Pshop experience than me . Excuse me for butting in and perhaps this should be a new thread but I've been making my own winter trees and have ended up with the finer branches white. I went to layer matting to try and rid my trees of this great frost look but although it helped it was not enough. When seperating tree from background I thought the thing to do initially was to have the greatest difference between the two. Can you give me some pointers for the masking with the same color.
  7. THX ERIC!But BTB messed up textures :S They work fine now after rework...Something happened on export,and he saved that into my project so every time i tried to load textures was f... up.Thx again!