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textures crashing rfactor

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by banger, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. hello piddy,

    have you changed the btbxpacker in some way, i made a new texture installed it to xpacker (has a jpg file).and now rfactor refuses to load the track. get around 30% loading.this is the third texture i had to remove from xpacker.
    jpg and dds( tryed move the diffuse,and spec jpg).same results


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  2. may have found a problem here, for some reason when importing jpegs to xpacker, then reexporting to rfactor from btb the textures have square's lines going through them.when before they are seamless and free of marks.is this a scale problem in btbxpacker.that it makes the textures, smaller and wrapped?or is this a mipmap problem?

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  3. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    XPacker does nothing with the Textures except Zip them up.

    Use DDS files and you won't have a problem.
  4. i try using dds and i getted a crash still, but now when i run rfactor it gets to 70% and crashes.i try switching down to xp (sp2) to see if it is a vista prob.
  5. :teeth:drop it down to xp(sp2), same results. crashes.

    there seem to be a problem with the background grasses.i've drop/resized them to 512x512 and same results.no error messages just back to desktop.
    uninstalled old version (0.7.6)
    just check the expansions.and they are atleast two of each xpacks?.even thou i have clear the old version out.and reinstalled to a diffrent drive.
    deleted the old xpacks from other drive and there are still there.
    could this be it.(double xpacks that now sorted!)
  6. well piddy it looks like your right, there seems to be a problem with vista and the xpacker. did a few experiments to day, on xpacking.

    grab old xpack from xp os days. seems to be fine, objects.textures added no problem
    xpack old xp to vista. added an new object/textures to the old xp xpacker files. and rfactor crashes.in btb the objects are fine.

  7. @piddy,hmm, i seem to be getting the problem with trying to blend the background picture to the terrain.in vista 64,so this may be a dx10 problem.? great standard grass textures blended with another material works okay,but trying to blend a jpg. to the terrain seems to cause the hang.
  8. Strange.
    I use Vista 64 & never had a problem with xpacker or BG blending jpgs.
    Main difference to your system is I am running intel cpu.
    Maybe update your Graphics drivers & make sure you have the latest DX9c??
    Just to be popular I blame UAC for just about all my problems :D
  9. awww poor uac always gets it in the neck, :lol
    think i manged to sorted it now, save the background has a targa file format and it restarts.now should i risk trying btb 0.8 before i finish this track.:)