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Texture replacement problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by avioni, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. im just a noob in BTB i downlloaded an xpack textures a 220mb compilation of nice textures. but each time i replace a track texture for example ;then the cars fall right thru it. same for terrain textures. if i replace them with one other than the defualt selection from btb then cars fall right thru the ground.

    any help?
  2. Really strange... This happens when the panel lenght is too long. Check your track settings - it has to be colidable and driveable. The same for terrain. Or submit sample btb project with that "error", somebody (or I) can check what's going on.
    I mean - take something else then these textures from that 220 MB xpack ;)
    Or - where did you get these xpack compilation - I could take a look there too :)
  3. its on the download section at this site. xpack textures. when u go to the downloads for BTB clik on the top downloads tab so that the files wich have been downloaded the most appear first. and you will see it a couple files down. i believe it says 187kb. cause you will get a link to download the 220mb textures from a share site.

    i set the panel at 12 meters. and fit neatly. this is for roads. but on terrain well even one polygon changed and cars fall thru that polygon.

    on track setting collidable and drivable are cheked and so are all the other chekboxes.

    since i dont have anymore textures to test with i cannot rule out a bad texture pack
  4. I have that xpack, some files are damaged, as my 7zip says:

    Well, I even can't unzip anything physically...
    So, maybe you had bad luck and took one of these?
    By the way - using a huge xpack like this can slow down your btb's performance and also imagine if you share your project using that xpack? Maybe you can take textures you like and make your own xpack just with them?

    Try to replace something using just default xpack and see how it goes.

    [ed] Anyway, I think you can open the xpack in WinZip and delete these textures. But important - go to according folders in Materials folder and delete also xml files named as the textures. In other case the xpack will crash btb, I think. I did not check if the xpack works in btb, just extracted textures - WinZip allowed me to do that only when broken files were deleted from archive.
  5. default xpack doesnt have that problem. after i replace the textures with one from that pack and cars fall thru i then replace it again with one from defualt pack and its back to normal.
  6. The problem is that no material is set. Go to 'Editing Materials', find the texture (good luck!) and select something for 'rFactor Material name'. roada is the usual setting.
  7. Ah, you did mean your car were diving into the ground in rFactor :) I'm sorry, I also forget that there are other race simulations ;)
    But still - check the files I mentioned if they are good.
  8. rsould i tryd that also but how do you save it. once i do that to a texture, when i clik on another texture and back to the one i already change to roada its back to nothing. so it didnt save.
  9. rsoul i tryd that again this time it worked. thank you.
  10. There is some bug with this. You have to edit the material - change surface, click ok, then save your project, close btb and re-open. Then it should work.
    As far as I started to study the contens of the xpack - material properties for RBR are missing too (.rbr files in Textures folder) - that also can cause a problem for those who want to use the xpack for RBR tracks.
    I still think that the best idea would be to use selected textures and make another xpack of them. It's a great source, but altogether it's too big to work in btb - all next version/backups of your track will contain all xpacks you have. Unless you have 25 terabytes HDD... ;)
  11. guys, is there way to modify lighting other than the sun position? kind of looks dull overall. and also im selecting cast shadows,veryhigh,fall on vehicle and shadows to texture. on all walls. but in game i see walls kind of darker than they should be specially the fence styled walls.