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Texture mapping

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by mianiak, May 9, 2009.

  1. I am having a problem with the way textures are coming out in rfactor. I am using blender to create and map my 3D models.
    My main issue atm is these guard rails, you can see in the pics how it is mapped in blender and how it shows up in BTB. I tried mapping it a few different ways, but as you see when it turns up in rfactor the textures have shifted left and aren't filling up the whole model. .

    This is the render in blender *note (for reference in other pics )the middle/right hand side where the bolts are and the elongated hole to the right of that

    This is how i mapped it

    This is the result in BTB *note that its only using half the texture?

    This is the result in rfactor

    If you look at this image my friend opened in 3dmax, you can see the bolts on the left of the join and that elongated hole on the right of the join which is nto the way i mapped it.

    Any help would be appreciate.

    [ED] As usual I spend days trying to figure this out, then when I finally give up looking and post in a forum for help, I figure it out moments after I press submit :D
    Well actually, I didn't figure it out, I just tried making 2 separate textures instead of all on one. but still I don't know why I had this issue, it would be good to know how it happened. Because I have other models with multiple textures on one dds and they work fine. Unless it could have been because I used the same tex for 3 different objects in a string opject...
  2. That rail looks nice. How is it on the FPS front? You wouldn't mind sharing it would you? =) Haven't yet found a nice looking rail that doesn't also slow the game down.
  3. I haven't noticed a drop in fps, but I haven't been focusing on it and I have a pretty fast machine. Each section has ~188 pollys if that helps. I could reduce it by half if I can figure out how to do double sided faces :D I'm still pretty new to this, so I really don't know, Ill have to wait and see.
  4. In the Materials tab in XPacker is a 'Double Sided' checkbox. In BTB, you can go to 'Edit Materials', find the texture, and there will be another 'Double Sided' checkbox. The latter is good for when the material is from someone else's XPack.
  5. Back again, I have learnt a lot about texture mapping lately but I have one thing that's giving me a real hard time.
    I am using a seamless texture you can see by the bumps, but for some reason the lighting on it is causing it to not line up with the next.
    I have tried diffuse and bump without spec and I tried just diffuse. I tried setting the object to not receive light and not receive shadows, but I cant seem to fix this and It does this weather or not its straight or a curve.
    On that note, is there a way to overlap string objects?
  6. Do you use string of object ? If you don't want to start with paintshop at editing brightness and color, an easy way to fix it would be to import the same object two times, but inverse the mapping on one. This way, making a pattern between thoses two, you will end up with nice flowing from one object between another. Hope this trick help you figure it out.
  7. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

  8. Thanks for the reply jay, but how do I inverse it?
    I really don't want to find a way around it, I'd really like to sort it out and get it right, but I am curious how to inverse it though.

    Nice tutorial Brendon, thanks, I will have a look at that too.
    I just cant understand why it is doing this. I have tried so many different things, by any chance could it be the way BTB strings objects together? Or the way rfactor processes a string of individual objects?
    Like the shading is done on the individual object and not the whole string..
  9. you could make a wall with the general cross-section of the double rails then throw the texture on it and have it tiles and use a Sobject just for the posts :) . . . Would stink to loose all the time put in though.
  10. You can invert mapping but more easier is to mirror the object, export as a second one, and add a pattern between two object like A-B-A-B...etc in String of object.

    That is a covered bridge I made in max using a simple wood texture and mirror the mapping on each faces.

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  11. ahh ok, so I want to make 2 separate objects and alternate them with a different mirrored texture for each?

    I see your point but I'm a little confused, is that the normal way to do things like this?
  12. i'm not sure but i might be an issue related to the gmotor shaders, and common to most, if not all 3d rendings of light sources. iirc to get the light/shadows to appear smoothly across an object, the vertecies should be welded together. eg (i think) each vertex is assigned a light value relative to others that it is attatched to. if they aren't welded, they can have vastly different lighting/shadow values.

    if you are making an s-object, it probably doesn't weld each fence segment together, so the light isn't evenly distributed across the length of the rails, but only each individual segment. it's only a guess though. since your texture does look seamless, it might be a shader issue.

    with that in mind, as suggested earlier, making a fence profile with the wall tool and mapping it with the rails, and then placing s-object posts behind, might be a solution.
  13. I think you hit the nail on the head there, this is exactly what I was thinking. In this case too, the mirrored objects would probably do the same thing. I can't really use the wall tool because this rail is a feature in the track so I think I will just make it one long rail and import it as a single object.

    This also explains another issue I have with the garages where I have just duplicated the first one and moved them into position. I will have to weld them together too.

    Thanks to all for the help!

    ps Brendon, maybe a new feature would be the ability to weld s-objects together?
  14. Cant wait to be able to weld my half cat body to a half dog body to form a animal chain wall :)

    Single objects might be way to go for now, but don't make the poly's too high because you will have to load it all as soon as it comes into view . . . but you know that :p