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texture issues

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Jay Sierra, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Hi mates

    Windshield visibility on some car texture is too much dark for me, like the tint is too dark. Now my question is how can i edit the internal transparent of the car texture. i have a nvdia plugin and photoshop to edit the texture. here's what i did so far. i open the texture using PS i lightened the alpha thingy by making the pink colored mask lighter. i did this by going to the channels there are like 4 rgb channels on the list and below it theres the alpha. and i tried saving it as DXT1 with 1 bit alpha but when i load up the car the windshiled is totally dark cant see through. can someone provide me step by step instruction on how to do this? i dont have plans modifying the texture design this just for my personal use. i love the skins but its very hard to see when driving in the woods :D
  2. You need to save it as DXT3 explicit alpha, then it should be fine :cool:
  3. Thanks mate. ill try it tonight

    Follow up question. i downloaded the lancer WRC 2005 but there is no additional file to remove the fog lights. can someone send me the .ini files for that car OR help me understand how to remove the additional lights on the front bumper? :)

    also why is the rim color dark brown but on the preview images its white. also on the main texture its white. but in-game its dark brown. the car folder is saved as lancerWRC2005 i have no idea where is that color coming from. this also happens on subar95. both are car is colored white in texture but in-game they both appear the dark brown color. :)
  4. im new in RBR i been playing rFactor/GTR 2 for 3 years now i guess, but it gets quite boring for me even playing online so i tried RBR and i find it very entertaining comparing to all of the race sims i have played. now im addicted to it. 1 thing i notice if you enabling antialias, anistrophic using my nvidia control panel i get a lines all through the tarmac and gravel track. but if i disable all the said setting the black lines go off. is there a way to enable the AA and anis without the lines showing up? im using 8800 gtx
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  6. Thanks will definitely try it out later when i get home. by the way have you tried this?