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Texture Corruption & Lock Ups

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Craig Stevenson, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. A couple of weeks ago I installed Windows7 as a Dual-Boot set up and I installed GTR-E on there to try it out. I have been playing GTR-E for several hours most days for the past couple of weeks and it has run fine until 2 days ago when I started getting Texture problems and lock-ups, as I do occasionally when using XP (these problems were discussed on RSC), nothing has changed on the machine so I find it strange that it should run fine for 2 weeks on a fresh install and then start crashing.

    I have just been looking around and noticed there is a radial.cdb file in race 07\UserData\ContentCache. On the XP side it was 2.36MB and on the Windows7 side it's currently 2.42MB.

    This file is the cause of crashes in TDU and several other games. I don't have experience of this except in TDU and deleting the file every so often prevented any problems with losing saved game progress etc, people had .bat files set up to delete it at start or end of each session but I used to delete it manually after every couple of sessions.

    I'm curious as to whether this is the cause of any of the problems in Race07/GTR-E.

    I've just deleted the file on the XP side and then done a couple of laps on a track and at the end of the session it was 1.15MB, I seem to recall I had problems in TDU when the file grew to about 2.5MB which coincidentally isn't far off the size of my current file on Windows7.

    I could be barking up the wrong tree here but could those that have frequent corruption or game lock ups try deleting this file at the start of your session and post back whether it helped or not.

    Anyone any thoughts on this and being as RSC is down does anyone know if SimBin guys visit here?

    Google radial.cdb for more info.

  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    A few :D

    This sounds like a typical case for Marcel to solve! Ill send him a pm.
  3. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I looked on my system and my radial.cdb file is more than 3 MB, and i did not have any crashes, i had crashes with my old videodrivers but they are solved with the new NVIDIA beta's.

    Does this happen on a specific track, i have noticed some tracks are more sensitive for crashing.

    Was it on a race day. during online play or did you do a test session, i also noticed differences in that. I got crashes before when i did a test session.

    Can you give me some more info please.
  4. Marcel,

    My intial install on XP was fine for several months after Race '07 was released but then the corruption started, the first track it occured on was Oschersleben during an online race on my server, it was and still is a fairly random issue and could be days between crashes, at first it only occured in online races on standard tracks but then after several more months it crashed in Practice and on add-on tracks. The same happened with my Brothers system.

    Off the top of my head some tracks I've had problems with are, Oschersleben, MoSport, Limerock Mountain, Road America, RoadOne, Sebring, Zandvoort, Valencia, Brands Hatch, Anderstorp, Curitiba, Falkenberg, Mantorp, Knutstorp, these are mainly online races on our own server. I have had the problem while racing WTCC, WTCC-E, Caterham, GTP and the GTR2GT Mod.

    I'm running an 8800GTS-512 and currently have driver V181.22 on XP side and V179.xx on W7, the W7 driver can't be updated. I have probably had most of the driver updates installed on XP since whatever was out when Race was released. My brother has an 8800GTS-640 on XP. My mate is running Vista (SP1) with an 8800GT and so far he hasn't had this issue.

    I have been convinced for months that these problems are 8800\9800 hardware\driver related but then someone on RSC reported the problem with a 4850\4870 so that kinda rules that one out doesn't it?

    I find it strange that nothing has changed on W7, it hasn't been updated, except for Windows Defender and 360 updates, the drivers haven't changed, Race is still V1.1.1.20 but after 2 weeks it started crashing again.

    If you need any other info let me know.


  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Did you try to remove all those mods? (temp place them outside the folder)
  6. I only recently added the GTR2GT, nGT & PT Sims Mods and it was crashing long before that on XP, I didn't even have any add-on tracks in when it first started, we were playing purely on Race 07, then GTR-E then STCC tracks.
  7. Is it possible for you to test another card in your system see if you get the same problem?

    I have just sent back a 8800GTS 320mb due to getting lockups - currupt textures in games, I know it's not all down to Nvidia though as my friend has had simaler stuff happen with his 4850 in Evo, but I started getting the problems in all games and things work fine with my backup 7300GT card.
  8. Not at the moment but I really don't see how it can be my card as it ran perfectly well for a few weeks on the fresh W7 install.

    I see in the V1.2.0.1 patch the ContentCache folder and radial.cdb file are no longer used, will be interesting to see if my corruption stops now.
  9. My game started to do lock-ups since yesterday... Don't know what could be the problem.
  10. ive been getting a one time lock up round about 30-50 seconds into a time attack nearly every time. only got my draw distance on far, not very far. lock up lasts for 3-8 seconds, screen goes black, then suddenly all is okay again and my car hasnt moved from where it locked up.
  11. Just some impute (not from a Nvidia Card)…

    Since I have RACE07 and its expansions (7 months), I never reinstalled it, so it has been always the same old and "dirty" installation (many add-on tracks and GT mod).

    I've high end ATI card (6 months ago) with up-to-date drivers and a 3.4 MB radial.cdb file on a "real" 3GB RAM XP machine (E8500 Dual core CPU).

    With the old patch, after many track reloads without restart I would get some "black" boards, blurred trees, absent track protections and so on. If I insisted, after a few more time, the "dread" minidump would come.
    At the time what I did was to restart the machine and the game before any "important" event, and that did it for me.
    With the new patch, excluding the early view distance adjustment "problems" reported on the patch topic, I experienced somewhat long lockups 2 times in its early days (a few secs after I exit the pits for the 1st time).
    The screen would freeze, I would wait (giving no more impute) and after 8or 10 sec the game would go normal again (it seemed to me to be a graphical thing as the car continued to move even if I didn't see it) and then I could continue racing for hours and all would be well.
    Since then I never had no lockups and so far with this patch I've yet to experience any minidump.

    There is a thing that I've been doing, that probably has nothing to do (at least it shouldn’t have), it’s kind of a “superstition”, but as the saying goes, “if it works, don't touch it”, we never know... :D

    If I'm going to run Evo content (cars and tracks), I use the Evo shortcut, if I will be using STCC content, I use STCC shortcut and the same for original Race07 content. Btw, yes, I continue to do restarts before "important" events and try to have the replay folder not too big...

    If for some reason I start to have any problems, I will try to delete the radial file and then see what goes…
  12. I have had about 3 or 4 lockups since the upgrade during online play. Display locks for 10-20 seconds then returns to the game with graphics corruption. Esc to garage has corrupted menu items. Quit to main menu and everything goes back to normal and can continue without rebooting.

    XP Pro SP3, E8500 Duo, 4Gb RAM, NVidia 9800 GTX
  13. The radial.cdb file and ContentCache folder were removed with this last update.

    Like you I used to reboot before racing, I also used to force my AV etc to do updates before hand to try and minimize any program interfering with Race but it didn't really make any difference.

    So far I've not had any corruption with this update but as I've said before it could be days\weeks between crashes, so the Jury is still out here.
  14. I still have it... so; I'm assuming it is some “dirt” left behind...?!

    Yes, I agree, too soon to party ;)
  15. If you delete it now though it won't be re-created like it was before so I'm assuming it isn't used any more.
  16. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    The freezes I had which I haen't had for a few days (touch wood :)) where complete stops. I would hold my input exactly as it was when thew freeze began and it would just continue a few seconds later, 5-10 usually.

    best example was a pub race at Valencia a few days ago I was leading, then it froze then when it unfroze I carriedon but I was 3 secs behind the last car. I worked my way back to the front then the same.
  17. Yeah I've had that, you can end up a lap behind :pissed-off:

    More often than not the game runs fine after the lock-up, which is another pointer to it being the game itself. I have never had more than one crash per session either and I almost will it to crash during the first Practice\Qualy session of the night as I know it will be fine after that.
  18. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Its strange beacuse I initially thought it must be HDD texture swapping, despite the fact that it is far too long a pause for that, but I did an afternoon lapping nurburgring with no pauses at all. Drives me nuts.