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Test race - Paul Ricard HTTT PR

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Wait for the image to load...

    We have to make a decision soon on the format and calendar for next seasson so this is the reason why the next test race is next week.

    Download the circuit from HERE

    Circuit version: HTTT PR
    Day and hour: July, Thursday 16 - 20:00 CEST
    Class: GT Pro & GT Sport
    Weather: Dry


    ** Thread will be opened this weekend.
  2. is there a new password?
    the old password no longer works, I can not get into the server.​
  3. Server will be ready tonight Jeremy.
  4. with the same password as usual?
  5. Yep. :good:
  6. ok Thanks david, then I'll wait until the server is open... :coffee2: :smile-big:
  7. Couple of things that i personally find very important on this track.
    I already did a Endurance on this track a couple of months ago with mixed classes.

    - Watch the pitlane exit, inside the white line the car that is exiting the pits has piority. So a tip is to stay on the left when you're on the straight and when the white line ends move to the right.

    - On the straight are we gonna use the "Le Mans rule". Slow car on the right fast cars on the left? Just a couple of things we need to sort out before event, to keep it smooth and avoid accidents. :)
  8. A - You are right, even if the car coming out from the pit have a blue flag, the white line is still considered the pit lane, and on it he have priority.

    B - On the straight the slow cars will stay in the driving line, and the fast ones will move if they need to overtake, but tht´s all.
    Easier I would say.

    But a text briefing will be posted tomorrow morning, and a briefing will be done at Team Speak (if we manage to have the channels working before the race).
  9. I am booted a possible cheat of the server?

    Already solved. I had Paul Ricard from RD, not the No Grip version.
  10. sorry, I can't take part. I've some more important things to do.
  11. Is it possible to sort out the TS team channels?
  12. at the moment we dont have any admin status so the answear would be no....but first guy from every team can right click on the default channel and "create" channel...set teamname as channel name and set codec on "speex 25.9 kbit"...aslong as the room has anyone in it it will stay there.
  13. Server been down for 10 mins, it going back up?
  14. Server went down not long after i joined.
    And when i try and join TS i end up in a place thats empty,im clicking on the "connect" tab in the TSviewer thingy on the right side of this page and i see loads of people already there.
  15. yep they are invisible until you go into the room
  16. Thanks :good:

    Im now sitting all alone in my BVM channel i created :D.
  17. there is no channel for teamGG on teamspeak​
  18. Creat one :)
  19. Right click on default channel then create your own,if i can do it that means its very easy :good: :p.

  20. Ok, thanks :wink2:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.