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WIP Test Broumov

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by izzy.gnr, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. After a long break, I started working on another track.
    I added some photos.

  2. very interesting, and looks promising,
  3. Your track looks very interesting, thanks for sharing the news.
    IMO I would like to see some changes in track width - this could make it more interesting. Maybe even couple track cambers need more attention Also, at some places, there is some angle between road and roadside - this causes not nice line (visually). That's because you use separate materials/textures for road and roadsides (which is quite obvious with BTB). Maybe you can smooth the edge between road and road border a little (manipulate with points in road shape sections)?
  4. So send some maps?
  5. ? :)
  6. Wow, very nice! :cool:
  7. My advice would be, first try to arrange the tree walls, and only after other environmental elements. This will help get rid of unwanted items... Do not stop work!
  8. New video

  9. Now much better when with tree wall. In future, when you make video, try record with camera from bonnet or outside position, then we can see much more... I with impatience wait more progress on you :)
  10. Hi, u have to change some corners for more smooth :). And this vegetables must be changed - but if it was made only fo r test then ok :).
    Textures ofc also u have to modify :p