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WIP Tervaniemi Stage

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by iltavilli, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Nice track.
  2. Very good!!!
  3. Nice track, but I hope that work is not to finish, because roadside to square and need to much precision work.
  4. If I understood correctly, you are saying that the driving surface isn't smooth enough? That can be easily adjusted in BTB with changing the track panel lenght. Unfortunately there's an issue with the terrain disconnecting from the road when using surface randomness, so smaller panel length makes the error show better. Anyway, there's no problem when driving even with the default panel lenght. And of course track is still Beta version.
  5. Not, I mean not the road, but that trench.
    Corner between road and trench to hard
  6. Ok, that can be easily fixed by adding more surface points. Might do that later. Thanks for the comments.
  7. How many different version has made? I got 4 (Tervaniemi, Tervaniemi15km, Tervaniemi2 and TervaniemiLong)
  8. Yes you got them all, but actually I'm probably gonna remake themas the roads have been changed. But anyway, whole track consist multiple roads which can be combined to different lenght stages. I'm thinking about 3-4 versions + reversed. Tervaniemi Long has been the base of the 15 kilometer stage and it doesn't exist anymore. These are only test version, gonna release the whole pack someday ;)
  9. It is a regrettably if the 15 km track not have.
    This long track is very funny, and take good emotions...
    But when in short track too, some corners to hard. In back of a trees need to used trees wall (some guys took me that FPS drop down in you treck)
    In the cross of the road seen blue screen, maybe can used stone in this places or detail of wall...
    On the road need more diferent texture and bumpy section must be visual on textures... And it will be more realistic

    Dont stop work you track is gret!
  10. Thanks for your comments. I'm gonna take a small break of track building for now, but gonna get back to it for sure. I'm aware of those things mentioned, and they will be eventually taken care of. There's a lot of fine tuning to do, but that's why it's called Beta and it's nowhere near finished.

    Backround image and couple of carefully placed plants is gonna take care of those blue spots, also textures need work for sure. Framerates are an another issue. I'm pretty happy if it works fine with my pc and therefore I'm not keen of fine tuning every tiny detail, but I'll see what I can do decreasing the amount of objects, increasing the framerate and still keeping the looks.

    How corners can be too hard? It's a tricky stage but that's also what makes it interesting.

    There's gonna be at least 4 different lenght versions, from short stage to 15 kilometer + reversed versions, perhaps total of 8 stages. Just have to decide what route to use for each one. The current 15km is gonna be one, perhaps one using only the wider roads, then one with the smaller roads etc. Also tarmac version could be fun.