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Terrible iracing drivers

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Josh Barton, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. The one thing Ive noticed in my week and a half with iracing is that there are some bad mannered drivers who seem to be on there getting away with a terrible driving style. Now at first I thought it was confined to the rookie series, with inexperienced drivers coming to grips to the fact they are no longer playing need for speed, but having since fast tracking my way to a C liscense ive noticed that these drivers keep appearing. Just that the ones with higher licenses know that in order for you to protect your precious saftety rating they can block, brake check, weave and divebomb you because they rely on you to get out of their way (even if you are much faster).

    Just in a race I did moments ago, a guy was doing all these things. Eventually I got sick of him as he tried to run me off the start straight as I tried to pass him (if he let me, I would have had him passed well before turn one) so I held my line, he turned in and was speared off. Cue torrent of abuse from him but was I justified? Or have I become one of them?

    Also, any tips on avoiding these drivers? Will they eventually dissapear by the time I get to A level?
  2. I see you are still driving in the rookie series. If you would drive in a D or C license series you will see that the driving improves
  3. Welcome to iRacing Josh. One tip I would give you is work on your iRatting before your safety ratting. How iRatting will help you avoid some of the bad drivers works like this(which you may already know), say you have a race with a maximum number of cars set at 20, but 40 people show up to race. So iRacing "splits" the race and half go in one race and half go in other. The race you go into is determined by your iRatting. So if your iRatting is better then half of the 40 people that want to race you go in to the "top" split. The top split races usually have less of the "bad" drivers but bad drivers still exist even with a A licences (believe me).

    From my personal experience there are some bad drivers but as a whole iRacing has quit a few good drivers, it's the bad ones that seem to ruin the experience and you remember those more then the good races you have with other drivers. Just keep at and raise you iRatting and move up the ranks. I joined a league here to avoid the mystery of you I am racing with and I like going into a race knowing who I am against and knowing their driving styles and what not. But I still race some offical series (to get iracing credits :p) and I am really enjoying the HPD/Corvette/Ford GT series and I also race the indy car fixed series.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I would like to give you the opposite tip of Greg (sorry Greg :D). Go pro as soon as possible. Try to avoid the rammers or just finish dead last without any incidents and you will move up to a higher safety rating level once you hit 4.0 (quick promotion). Try to stay in rookie as short as possible.

    Managed to go from Rookie to A level in four days and the races have become much cleaner. Ok there is the occasional idiot still but they are a minority.
  5. I guess i was speaking from what I am currently focused on since I have my A licence :D. Ya do what Bram said and get to A as quick as possible then work on your iRatting.
  6. Awesome that was my plan :) My irating is still going up (im not pushing it, but the idiots keep spinning off and handing me good finishes lol). Oval for me is hard to adjust to, Im not a natural at this and since Im trying to level up evenly im pretty much having to learn from stratch lol Though I have a lot more respect for the oval drivers now, especially after trying those Impala's :p
  7. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    Yep. Rookie series are an unpredictable mess.

    Focus on driving safely and getting new licenses that way. Once you hit A license, go and try to work on your iRating. Both measures will keep you out of the way of unskilled people, especially when combines. No guarantees about staying out of trouble though. In the upper ranks people crash because of being over-eager. They can end your race too.
  8. Well last night in an Indy road series race at Spa I decided to start from pitlane to keep my safety rating up but by the end of the first sector Id caught up to massive wrecks littered all over the circuit. People are stupid. I was very lucky to not actually hit anyone that race :(
  9. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    There is no fix for stupid. Starting from the pit is no guarantee for a safe race. I would always recommend people to start on the grid. Start wreck are just going to be there. The more you see them from up close, the better you learn to deal with them. Chances are you might just get skilled at staying out of trouble. You won't grow that skill starting from the pits.
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  10. I used to use oval practice for my crash avoidance practice:p

  11. There is a reason why iracing has so many leagues. The racing there is only slightly better than open server racing.

    I've been crashed on purpose once, and have seen three or four intentional wrecks. 95% of the incidents I've seen or been involved in are just idiots who think they own the track and are ticked off that you're racing with them.
  12. My experiences with Official vs Leagues is lightyears apart.

    In official races i´ve been deliberately crashed into, cussed at for being ahead of the guy, been used as a brake when the guy behind apparently lost his etc etc.

    In leagues i´ve had nothing but excellent racing. They are all there for the same reason which is the fact that official races suck big time.
    To easy to get your license up and just enter a race not knowing the consequences of doing just that.

    In leagues you know that people practice and really want to just race fair and clean but occasionally hard with some paint trading.
    Always giving each other atleast one car length of track etc. That is what racing is all about.
    None of which you will find in official races.
  13. ARGHHHHHHHHHH Im trying to get my Oval liscence up to a C level, so Ive been trying some legends races because Im usually faster than the others and can try to get away from the crashes....however, twice in a row Ive been taken out by random cars doing random things. Spinning out. No car control. And my safety rating hasnt moved an inch in these two races either because of the stupidty. I cant work out how to get higher, I guess Im going to have to time trial my way to that license but thats sooo slow.....0.06 points for half hours work.....arggghhhh
  14. Josh,

    buy the right track(s), car(s) in which you want to compete.

    Then you can move quickly to Licence A. If that's what you want. (loose also more SR when beiing hit or difficult to get more SR).

    Or just wait for week 13 for the official races, drive as safe as possible and dont try to win for a quick promotion. SR 4.0.
    Buy the right car and track again for the minimum of 4 races or timetrials, and start over again in week 13 official races for again an SR 4.0 and quick promotion.

    When you have your desired class then start to get used of being the fastest racer around and stay out of troubles of backmarkers or racers who think they can beat you and dont give space and time by overtaking moves.

    When driving the ovals you will see good drivers and those who wants to race the whole 110 laps instead of the last couple of rounds.
    For the drivers who race the whole 110 laps you'dd be carefull with.

    The good racers are mostly aliens or Pro drivers. (at least in the Impala) these races there arent much drivers around, so you will see division 9 to pro

    Also keep telling yourself that in real races accidents etc are common, so why should it be different in online racing.

    Penalties are served in iRacing and you can protest. (making a small video)

    Anyway iRacing is about F.I.R.S.T.

    All above is just something you can do, but i think you can better drive a complete season and get better in the next season.
    A season is only 12 weeks.
  15. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    In theory yes, in practice they don't do anything with it.
  16. Go oval driving on tuesday night. about 22:00 GMT.

    You can have some safe driving i noticed. and not to many drivers around. and those who are, are really carefull.

    Just went to SR 4.99 in Oval racing. (class A, division 6)

    Now its nothing to it, or loose many SR when you get involved in incidents. (experienced that already in road racing when i had 4.99 SR)
  17. Well now Im doing Indy ovals and the quality has increased dramatically. Just then I had an awesome race, battling with some big racers and lots of absolutley crazy passes, all clean. Only incident happened when there was a caution and I was trying to catch up to the pace car after pitting and one guy decided to go sideways in front of me under yellows, but I think he misjudged his fresh tyres though lol. Great fun, I am now offcially an oval racing fan. Woooo
  18. Watched Team VVV's iracing coverage on youtube where he hits a guy hard on his outside when he could have stayed tight hugging the apex . . . his excuse was there's a bump on the inside he needed to avoid :rolleyes:
  19. the 4.99 is just a fixed number. You can get your SR up to 15 if you put in the work. It will still only show as 4.99 though.
  20. ARGHHHHHHHH these people are so stupid.....in 5 indy races today, ive had one two clean races, 3 races where i was hit and not my fault. Once a guy spins low on circuit, I go high, but he decides to try to rejoin track mid corner and slams into me. second time guy cleans me up under pace car, just comes full tilt at the line and picks me out to hit. Third time at a restart a guy decides to run up back of guy next to me, who spears accross the track and takes me out, when it hasnt even gone green yet. IDIOTS. How am I supposed to keep away from these guys? I honestly havent had a acciedent recently at all that I could attribute as being my fault. Or in any way my fault. I was nearly B class in oval as well.....now I'll be way off again. Morons.

    Sorry had to vent. Its just stupid, yet I keep on racing.....lol